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Yesterday evening, Eduard took Jesker for his little outing to do his business and it was raining, which got Jesker very wet. Eduard rubbed him dry with a big towel, as usual, and afterwards Jesker always does this happy little run as seen on this short film. We think he is very amusing, do you too?

We had another lovely day yesterday and I do like the way Eduard and I are communicating and exchanging thoughts and opinions and intimacies about our relationship. These are great learning moments and I think they do us a lot of good. We are very lucky that we are able to express ourselves so well in language and that we are not lost for words to describe what we mean and feel. I am not naive enough to think that this will solve the whole problem, but I think we are on the right road together.

Having turned the clock ahead for the extra hour of summer time is really working out well for me. I go to bed at a more reasonable hour and I wake up at a more reasonable hour too. I think all winter, I have been on the wrong schedule and that I never caught up. This time schedule agrees with me much better and I sleep much better too and I don’t get up in the wee hours of the night to sit and blog.

Eduard has not made any interesting photographs these past two days, so I am going to give you one from last week that is a view from our front window and looks down the street that runs directly into our apartment building. Yes, it was snowing, bbbrrr…

You see that I have changed the photograph on my profile. You can see a full view of it on my post before this one. Eduard took it yesterday morning, so it is as fresh as day old bread. I really don’t know if I am complimenting myself here or not. I think it is a dubious case.

Today I am seeing my Obesitas Specialist and he will hopefully give me a date for when my gastric band will be filled again, because I have to lose another 10 kilos. I am also seeing the dietitian, who will no doubt tell me that I am eating not nutritious enough food and that I am not getting enough roughage, but I do take vitamin pills every day and I am high on the dairy products, being a real Dutch woman and therefor being a real dairy head. She is going to say that I don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables and I am going to say that she is right and promise improvement.

That’s the way it works.

There is a non fat yogurt that I eat called Optimel and it has fruit, but no added sugar and I am nearly addicted to the stuff. It is my main food source and it is almost as good as eating ice cream. I also like crackers and all sorts of cheese and omelets. I can’t eat a whole apple or a pear and I can’t eat oranges or manderines, because I upchuck them. Bread is also difficult to eat and I can’t eat meat at all, except for fish. I eat vegetables sometimes, but they are not my favorite food. Really, when you have the choice of what is going to fill you in a short amount of time, you pick something you really love.

Therefor, taking vitamins is very important and I take Davitamon Chewables and extra vitamin C.

Well, I am still sitting here in my comfy red bathrobe, but it is ten am already and I think I need to get the show on the proverbial road. Jesker is taking his morning nap, making a lot of noise while he must be dreaming and the cats are being lazy on the bed. There is absolutely no action here in the morning, except for me who cleans the apartment.

Have a more than mediocre Monday, ciao…


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Senseless Sunday.

It is very early in the morning and I am basking in the light of the computer screen and I did just realize that it is officially one hour later than it says on the clock, because during the night we switched to summer time. So, it is a little bit not so early in the morning and this is actually a good development for me and will give me a better to live with schedule. Well, hooray for small miracles!

Actually, I am so totally uninspired to write about anything, it is ridiculous that I am sitting here behind the keyboard trying to make up a post. I am a stubborn woman, but what do you do when the muse is still asleep and inspiration is far away beyond the horizon somewhere? Well, you foolishly charge ahead and just keep typing until your writer’s block clears up.

You must all have been aware of the Earth Hour in which millions of people all over the world turned of the lights for one hour simultaneously, or I think they did. Now, I must say that I am a little bit sympathetic to the idea, as I hope it raises awareness to the energy plight and I hope people will come to their senses and really stop wasting our precious resources, but I worry that turning of the lights for one hour is only a token gesture for many people and that this is the biggest effort they will seriously make for the whole year.

Eduard and I did not turn off our lights and the idea that we should, made me laugh, as Eduard and I are seriously aware of our energy consumption all year around and do whatever we can to keep it as low as possible and I think of all the people we know, we have the lowest possible energy bill. We even got a refund last year.

So we did not as a token turn of our lights, because we are aware all the time and feel very responsible all the time too. It’s all good and well to sit by candle light for an hour and then proceed to turn all the lights back on when you don’t pay attention to how long they burn and what sort of light bulbs you have in them.

Well, I won’t get all preachy, but you get my point. We don’t need to be educated and reminded. We leave the smallest possible fossil footprint.

And now for something completely different! I give you a photograph of the Plague House. This was built in the Middle Ages outside the city walls for obvious reasons. I don’t know how much of the original building is still there and it was added onto in later centuries. It is quite quaint and innocent looking, but imagine the scenes that took place there.

Aren’t you happy you live in the Western world in the 21st century? I sure am. I always imagine how many times I would have been dead if I had lived in another era.

Eduard and I had a perfectly lovely day yesterday. The weather was great and we spent quality time together and some of that I will leave up to your imaginations, but we also talked a lot and discussed the state of our marriage and the role that we each play in it and how happy we are with that and the marriage. We are not in dire straights and much is good about it. When it all comes down to it, we still are each other’s top choice, although there are some things that need to be resolved, but resolve them we will.

We do love each other and we do think our marriage is valuable and special and we do think it is worth holding on to, but I think Eduard is going through a second midlife crisis and wants to be found attractive by other women and he is very flattered when he finds out that he is and they end up being in love with him and there is too much temptation for his stroked ego. It appeals to his manliness, which is present in many ways, regardless of the fact that he is so emancipated.

Anyway, I am sure this subject will come up for discussion on this blog more often and maybe I am being ruthless for discussing it this way, but it is my blog and I am calling a spade, a spade.

So, that is all I am going to tell you today, because it is Sunday and it is officially a day of rest and just for a change, I am going to take advantage of that clause. I am going back to bed with a very good novel and a glass of hot milk and then I will sleep some more in the nearness of the warm body of my husband.

I wish you all the best of days and the warmest of nights if you are still going to have one of those.


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On a sunny saturday.

My goodness, I have a sore rear end from sitting here so many hours reading blogs and having my coffee and my cigarettes and having such a lovely silent time all by myself watching it become light outside. I tried to get up earlier during the night, but it was a great fiasco and I fell asleep in this chair only to wake up quite suddenly when I would erratically click the mouse.

It’s amazing how your instincts take over when your body falls asleep and your mind still somehow wants to blog. There is a stubborn streak in me that wants to stay awake at all cost and not go back to bed where I belong when I am drunk with sleep and not of a sound mind. It’s like being a little kid and not wanting to go to bed when it is past your bedtime.

Anyway, I have enjoyed myself immensely reading blogs and am now full of good cheer and coffee and tobacco fumes and that has gotten me all ready to write this post. I have no idea what I am going to tell you yet, but I am sure I can make things up as I go along.

First of all, I will give you this quote that I ran into from a blogger who is stopping her blog:

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

Now you know that as a rule I don’t put too much credence into God, unless I am hypo manic and I get all religious, but I do like the idea of being in the hollow of God’s hand, as it makes it sound as if God is a giant compared to me and I can easily fit in there, making him much mightier than me and somehow that is kind of comforting.

I also have to admit that these past two weeks I have had my sly and shy little conversations with a God and I do ask him for little favors and I do make small promises, so where does that leave me with my agnosticism? You see, there is doubt in my heart when push comes to shove and I turn to some sort of faith when I am in a pickle. Do you think that God minds that very much?

I am a deal maker and I make deals with God, whoever he is, that unknown authoritative figure. I make him promises that I know I will be able to keep and I certainly don’t promise him my first born. I don’t make any oaths and I don’t swear on the bible, I just make little promises.

I think people have a tendency to do that when they see the stability of their lives threatened and they see their foundations undermined. I certainly feel threatened now and see that my life is not nearly as certain and secure as I thought it was and I feel a certain amount of vigilance and alertness and I feel that I must be very much aware of outcomes that I have no influence over. Such is life, I want to say on the funny farm, but it isn’t that funny!

Anyway, to get back to that quote, it also talks about the road ahead of you and the wind in your back and that is exactly how I have been feeling until very recently; as if the road was meeting me and the wind was in my back. I suppose you always have periods in your life when things seem to run extra smoothly and you feel contend and smug in the sureness of everything.

Of course, life being what it is, these periods don’t last forever, it being a law that life doesn’t work that way and that for every up there is a down. Funnily enough, I thought it was supposed to be one smooth ride with just the occasional hiccup. Not that this is my experience, but I thought that after a long enough time it would all just work out that way. I am a little bit like Polly Anna sometimes when I forget to be the sarcastic cynic that I claim to be. It’s a fault in my wiring.

One of these days, maybe today rather than tomorrow, I will go to the Basilica and light a candle in the chapel that is dedicated to Mary and say a little prayer and then I will really not be agnostic anymore. Or I will be an agnostic with a little bit of hope. I will be a faithful cynic, if there is such a thing.

Let me interupt my train of thought here for a bit and post a photograph of the Market Square with the open air market on it. This was taken roughly from the same spot that the desolate photograph was taken off that I posted some days ago and you can see the difference:

Here is where Eduard buys our supply of cheese and fresh salmon on Fridays.

It is really strange when the person you are in conflict with, is also the person you love the most and is your best friend. You have very conflicting emotions and it is all very confusing, therefor you must find some sort of neutral ground to stand on and not be too emotionally involved. You have to inwardly withdraw for your own sake.

After I decided not to have anymore ‘throw away’ moments, that used to be called ‘fall apart’ moments, I have not had them anymore. I think I have just made a decision not to have them and that something in my mind agreed with that. I don’t anticipate them any longer and if a feeling of doom does approach, I ban it to the furthest corner of my mind leaving me unscathed.

I do still have a great need for a little nap in the afternoon, but I can postpone it and it is a pure physical need and not born out of anything emotional. I can nap on the sofa, but I prefer the bed for comfort.

I have completely worn out my boots that I have been wearing all winter and I have to buy a new pair. Hopefully they still sell them in the stores, but I think they will and I may go to town this afternoon, then again, I may not. I’ll see. It depends on a number of things and I may go by the shoemaker and see if he can repair them.

Well, that is all I have to tell you today. I think I will go and walk the dog as it is a bright and sunny day outside and the morning light beckons me.

You all have a wonderful Saturday that is filled with good things and fun chores. Be good for goodness sake!

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Festive Friday.

It’s what you may call fairly late in the morning for me. I got up just a while ago and read all of the emails with comments on everybody else’s and my blogs. That in itself takes some time and is very enjoyable. I haven’t read any blogs yet and I will do that later this morning when I have the time and the inclination. Listen to me being a ‘grande dame’ all of the sudden! Don’t forget your French accent when you read that, but it seems that some nights I just go ahead and sleep in spite of myself and I’ll have to make time this morning to catch up on the blog reading.

I’ll start this post with a photograph of the front door to a very expensive shop. The weapon above the door announces the fact that they deliver to the royal household. I don’t remember exactly what they sold here, as Eduard took the photo and I wasn’t paying close attention, but I think it is very expensively priced women’s clothing. It was a very exclusive shop with very secretive windows.

I bet they have no price tags on their clothing, because if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Yesterday, my sister and I took the dogs for a walk around the pond. When I got ready to go, Jesker was asleep on his pillow and it took me a good deal of work to get him to wake up, which must be an after effect of the narcoses. Once he was up and about and out in the fresh air, he was alright and we had a good walk and it hasn’t bothered his knees one bit.

My sister and I are in somewhat similar situations in our marriages and find much empathy with each other and can really talk each other’s ear off. Of course, we are very supportive of one another and find much solace. There is nothing better than two women airing their hearts on a good long walk with their dogs. It is amazing how very much alike my sister and I are and you can really see how similar in character we are and how very much we come from the same background. I have never noticed it as much as now.

The path around the pond was very muddy and the bottom side of Jesker became very wet and brown, but he had a ball. We had a bit of a conflict at one point when he wouldn’t listen to me and he started to walk out of the park on his own toward the busy street and then wouldn’t stop when I called him and I had to chew him out and make him sit, which he didn’t want to at first. He made up for it when we got home and he made sure that we had a good long cuddle and that we bonded again properly. He is a good old dog when it comes down to it.

Here is a photograph of a house with what we call a ‘stair facade’. It’s tucked way on a little street close to downtown and it was a little bit hard to get a good shot of it, crammed as it is right on that corner. It dates back to the 17th century.

There are so many older buildings downtown, you basically only have to point and shoot, but most of them are in the Rhineland style and not this more typical Dutch style that you see here. I’ll ask Eduard to pay attention to buildings and details there of.

You know how every afternoon around 3 pm I have a ‘fall apart’ moment that I have started to call a ‘throw away’ moment? Yesterday I asked myself, why should I have these moments at all? Why do I have them every afternoon and why do I take preemptive measures and why don’t I try and see if I can’t get through the afternoon without one?

So, I turned a button off in my mind and set out not to have a ‘throw away’ moment at all and for some reason, I succeeded. I stayed up and did not retreat to the bedroom with a book and I made it just fine. I don’t know if it was sheer willpower alone that made me not have one and I don’t know if I can repeat the performance, but I will try. It is an interesting experiment anyway.

So, we’ll see where that ship runs ashore.

Here is a photograph of the row of buildings on one side of the other big square downtown. I realize now that I have over corrected it too darkly, but I don’t feel like going back to the photo shop program and doing it all over again, so you’ll get it just as it is.

You see all those wonderful old buildings. We are so used to them that we take them for granted and hardly notice them, unless we take a photograph of them. This one was taken in January when there were no green buds on the trees.

I haven’t been downtown in quite awhile. I haven’t felt that pull to go, but I know that soon I will, if only to hang out at a café and have a good cup of coffee and watch the people walk by. And take photographs, of course.

I am so glad that today is Friday, although for the life of me I can’t figure out why. It just seems like such a festive day. Festive Friday! All the days in the week should feel this good.

I’ll stop being so secretive and tell you what has been bothering me these past two weeks. I found out that for the past two months, Eduard has been in close contact again with the woman he was in love with last year and he was keeping it a secret from me. I found out about it on my own and felt quite devastated. I didn’t want to blog about it at first, but I am making so many allusions, that I think I had better tell all of you what is going on.

I don’t know how this story is going to end, because I don’t know if we are at the ending of it yet. I’ll let you know if anything of importance happens and I think that maybe it is okay if I just go ahead and blog about it without going into the gritty details too much.

Well, I have no other photographs to share and no other thoughts on my mind, so I think I will go and read those other blogs now. First I need to take my medicines and give the dog his.

Have a Festive Friday yourself and be good for goodness sake. Slay many evil dragons!


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Teriffic Thursday 2.

The first thing the vet did yesterday afternoon, after he had anesthetized Jesker, was pull three molars and a front tooth, because the tooth was loose and the molars were in bad shape, so the poor dog had probably been walking around with a toothache that we had not known about and here he had been eating his kibbles and his chew sticks without any problems at all, which convinces us again that he is a hardy dog who takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Jesker was gone from 1:30 pm until 7 pm and we missed him sorely. It was just not the same here without him and I can not imagine ever having to do without him for good. It will be awful when the time comes.

When Eduard brought him home, he was still very much under the influence of the anesthesia and he just wanted to lie down and go to sleep. At 9:30 pm, he got up and drank a lot of water and ate half a bowl of wet food, but he didn’t want to go for a walk, even though I tried to take him for one. He just wanted to lie down and sleep some more. I went to bed at 10:30 pm and he was totally not interested in where I was going. A while ago, he came out here to say hello and get petted, but he went back to the bedroom and probably won’t get up again until Eduard does.

He is an amazing dog and God only knows how uncomfortable he has been for how long with his osteoarthritis and his bad teeth. When we got him, he had a complete check up by a vet and he was supposedly okay then, but now I have some serious doubts about that. If we ever get another dog, we will take him to our own vet right away and have him carefully checked over.

There he is out for the count on his pillow, oblivious of everything.

I finally got around to doing the ironing yesterday afternoon and that consisted mainly of ironing very many of Eduard’s T-shirts. The man has so many of them with so many logos on them, all having to do with film. As I was ironing, my mind was very much on him, you can’t help but think of the person whose T-shirts you are ironing, and a lot of my thoughts were not very kind and I had a hard time facing Eduard with a positive attitude when he got home. I felt angry, but almost unable to express it properly and it came out all twisted and frustrated while I tried to be ironic.

I did get over that mood after about an hour and was able to approach him in a more positive way, which is good, because it doesn’t help to stay angry. It doesn’t help me anyway, just for a while it does. It allows me to have feelings of indignation, which I need to have too, of course, but I don’t want to have those all day long. That’s too exhausting.

Anyway, by the elementary school, some men were busy trimming all sorts of trees and Eduard cut some willow tree branches off for me with his Swiss army knife and brought them home and here they are:

Aren’t they lovely? I do so love those tender green buds full of hope for the real coming spring.

Well, Eduard and Jesker are up now and the cats are darting around assuming something exciting is going to happen now. I don’t know why they think that, but whenever a person and the dog are in the kitchen, the cats think there must be food involved. They have one track minds. Animals do anyway.

It didn’t snow yesterday, we just had a bit of a drizzle and I think we are done with the snow now and the temperatures are going to be up by this weekend. I think winter is done now and we can be silently hopeful for good weather.

My new top arrived and it is as pretty as it was on the picture that I saw of it and I ordered it in the right size, so that had a good ending. Of course, I put it on right away and then hoped that Eduard would notice me wearing it. Well, I did have to drop a hint or two. Men!

My sister and I are going to walk to the pond today at noontime. I think that Jesker’s knees are well enough so that he is able to. At least it is worth a try. If we go slowly and he doesn’t pull at the leash too much, he should be fine.

I am leaving you with this photograph of a small railroad bridge on an old industrial area to the west of town. Eduard took this photo in December when he just had his new camera and he was still getting used to it.

I hope you all have a real Terrific Thursday and that whatever happens, it will be a good day with lots of positive events and lots of springtime like weather and good health.


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Another View.

It’s raining outside and I don’t know if I like that better than the snow we had all day yesterday. Some of it was beautiful and came down in huge flakes that looked like down feathers. Jesker and I were caught in it when we took our noontime walk. Jesker was covered in snow when we got home, but he shook himself and was amazingly dry underneath it all. My coat and my hair were very wet and my hairdo was ruined and I looked like a drowned kitten. You can’t be good looking when it snows or rains. You either get wet or you have to pull your hood over your head, which will ruin your hairdo anyway.

I had a good talk with my SPN yesterday morning and I sounded very self assured and confident and only took up 30 minutes of the alloted 45. She was impressed with the fact that I had renamed my ‘falling apart’ moments ‘throw away’ moments as she said that gave the whole thing a totally different meaning and a totally different content. I can only agree with that and I know that a ‘throw away moment’ has much less drama in it and is much easier to manage.

She thinks I handled the latest upheaval in my life well and she reminded me of the fact that I am, after all, a strong woman who can depend on her own common sense and fortitude. I said, yes, but isn’t it a shame that such experiences leave you more of a cynic than you were and that it isn’t that much fun to learn such life lessons. She agreed with that, but what it comes down to is basically, that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I must be awfully strong by now and I am turning into a great cynic. I think I am supposed to be this way.

(Greek: Kυνισμός) originally comprised the various philosophies of a group of ancient Greeks called the Cynics, allegedly founded by Antisthenes in about the 4th century BC. The Cynics rejected all conventions, whether of religion, manners, housing, dress, or decency, advocating the pursuit of virtue in a simple and unmaterialistic lifestyle.

Currently, the word cynicism generally describes the opinions of those who see self-interest as the primary motive of human behaviour, and who disincline to rely upon sincerity, human virtue, or altruism as motivations.

On the other hand, the Oxford English Dictionary suggests as the usual modern definition (per cynic): showing “a disposition to disbelieve in the sincerity or goodness of human motives and actions” and a tendency “to express this by sneers and sarcasms”.

Anyway, it is better to be cynic than to be naive, I think. You get hurt less quickly that way and it makes sense not to be so bright eyed and bushy tailed like a little puppy and all eager and happy to embrace the world and everything in it. That’s okay when you are a child, but better not to when you come to the ripe old age of 53. Well yes, common sense comes to some people earlier than others.

I said to my older sister over the phone last week, that I had carpeted the apartment in cynicism, as a figure of speech, and Eduard overheard me make that remark and had to laugh very hard, but he doesn’t know how very much I mean it. It does something to the way you love a person. You still love them, but under reservation and that may not disappear. It’s like it gets etched into your soul and it is permanently there. A war wound.

To break my line of thought I will now give you a photograph of a different view of the Market Square that Eduard took yesterday morning. As you can see, it had snowed, but it had also started to melt again, so there is only snow on the roofs.

Today is Wonderful Wednesday again and Jesker is going to the vet this afternoon to have his teeth cleaned. He has never had that done since we have had him and he has a lot of plaque built up. He is not allowed to eat anything today and that will be a little bit difficult as he is used to getting a treat after his walks and having his pills wrapped in a slice of luncheon meat in the mornings.

I always like Wednesday as it really means the middle of the week to me and the weekend is so close by. I don’t know why I put so much value on the weekends, as I am perfectly happy during the week and manage just fine having my alone times and quite enjoy them. It must just be a left over feeling that I have from earlier days when the weekend meant togetherness with the kids.

I have always been okay on my own and I have always managed to amuse myself being alone with my own thoughts and doing my own small activities and lingering over cups of coffee and cigarettes. I don’t when I am depressed, but those are exceptional times and do not count as ordinary every day life.

I have ordered a new top on line and that will arrive this afternoon. I have not bought anything new in three months, so I thought it was about time I bought something. It is black with a V-neck and three quarter length sleeves. It has a buckle under the breast area and is gathered there so as to cover up my plumb stomach. I can wear several long sleeved stretch T-shirts under it and tank tops when the weather improves. See, I have it all planned!

Well, it is freezing here and now I am going back to my warm bed for a while with a glass of hot milk. That is one of those ‘treat yourself well’ moments.

I hope you all have a great day and that the weather is kinder to you than it is to us.


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Market Square

So, I’ve done and read all the blogs and I ate some fruity non fat yogurt, but still my mind is on chocolate chip cookies, which we don’t have in the house, but which I can almost taste and is making drool form in my mouth.

Why do I have these food cravings so early in the morning? Well, somebody somewhere on some blog is always talking about food and very often about chocolate and that always gets my mind set on that track and then I can’t stop thinking about it. Sometimes I have enormous cravings for very sweet things and this is something I developed later in life, because when I was younger I was not burdened with this desire and could easily be left in the same room with a package of cookies or a box of chocolates.

Now I would probably steel the candy from babes’ mouths and eat it with spittle and all.

Okay, I’ll get my hungry mind off the food fixation and tell you that I found a blog that is politically and socially engaged and you can find it here. It is not often that I run into a blog like that, as most of the bloggers I meet tend to stay away from controversial material and disengage when anything possibly disputable comes up. I do have a little rant on occasion myself, but I get the feeling that I should not do it too often and that they are not subject matters that go down easy with people. So, I tend to tone it down.

I do so very much like people with opinions, though, and especially when those opinions mirror mine and are well supported. This does not mean that I do not tolerate other opinions, but they do have to be well documented in order for me to give them any credence, but I do admit a certain amount of intolerance on my part toward intolerant people. Ignorance is the biggest bane of mankind and it must be wiped of the earth in the shortest amount of time.

Anyway, so I read all of those blogs and I always come away thinking a hundred different things, but at the same time being unable to draw one big coherent conclusion about all of them, except to say that we human beings are so diverse and yet so alike and that women are more alike than they are different and that goes for no matter which country they come from. We express our sameness in different ways a bit, but the core issues are alike and make us all sisters and we all do battle with our men, whether or not we like them or love them or what.

Many of us seem to detect a great naiveté in our men and we all grumble and gripe about them and wish for them to be more like us and more vigorous in their treatment of problems in the emotional sphere. It seems that men are handicapped by their male hormones and are incapable of reaching inside themselves and reading any given moment for its sentimental value. They need to constantly be reminded to communicate their inclinations and persuasions and to show us their true desires. There is nothing more silent than a man contemplating his thoughts.

Women, on the other hand, are open books to other women, but incomprehensible to men, who can’t read all the emotions and words and exhibitions of the spirit. It is as if we speak in a language they don’t quite understand the subtleties of. They hear the words, but can’t connect them into meaningful concepts. Therefor the idea of the feminine mystique is born and are women really from Venus and are men really from Mars?

The best men and women have their feminine and masculine sides almost equally developed. I have always been fond of women who know how to handle power tools and I like a man who knows how to nurture a child.

Okay, enough of that and now for something that follows this line of thought:

You Are 61% Feminine, 39% Masculine

You are in touch with your feminine side.

Sensitive, intuitive, and caring are all words that describe you.

And you’re just masculine enough to relate to both men and women.

Oh yes, of course I still have to add one of Eduard’s photographs and when I tried that the last time I added one of these quizzes, it wouldn’t let me do it, but maybe it will let me add it at the top of this post, I’ll have to see what will happen.

This is a view of part of the Market Square on a Sunday afternoon when there is nobody there and no open air market. You can see how desolate the place looks when on other days it is quite crowded and there is a lot of traffic and there are lots of pedestrians, especially in the summer time.

Well, now I need to go back to bed for just a wee little while until I have to get up again to go to my SPN. You all have a terribly nice Tuesday, because Tuesday is such a kind day with no bad connotations at all, but no redeeming features either, come to think of it.


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