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I have discovered that it is better to start writing a post in a Microsoft document first and to save it as you need to and then to copy and paste it when you are done with the whole thing. I was writing a story for my Dutch blog and needed a lot of thinking time to write it and did it that way and it worked out well. You can then save or delete the document, that’s up to you, of course. I delete mine once I have copied and pasted it to the blog.

It takes the pressure off a little bit to get the thing done all at once and you feel that you can take your time like a proper writer and fiddle around with the thing a bit more. It just seems easier to go back and make changes and add or subtract passages and single sentences even. You feel less committed and more able to change your mind.

Well, after I walked Jesker this morning, I came home as a very crooked woman, so I am back to square one. I find myself slouching in the chair again too, and I am now making every effort possible not to do that, so I am purposely not having a pillow in this chair to lean into, and I have to sit upright, unsupported, but on two buns. I do find, that as I do more work around the house, that is within my limits of what I can do, I loosen up a bit and this is better for my back. I am talking about light household chores like the dishes and dusting and the laundry.

When I walk Jesker in the afternoon I am not nearly as crooked, nevertheless I made an appointment with the physiotherapist for Thursday, which we really can’t afford, but it is inevitable that I go. Hopefully she can do something about that big sore spot in my side. I think that is making me walk and sit crooked.

Today we made an appointment with a divorce mediator who is going to lead us through the whole divorce proceedings, including filing for the divorce. She came recommended to us by an aquaintance of Eduard who is a lawyer and she seems to be very popular, as the free legal clinic recommended her also. We are seeing her on the 17th of June in the afternoon with all our necessary paperwork.

In the meantime, Eduard has been slowly creating order in the workroom and getting rid of things there either by donating them or by tossing them out or by packing them up. He is still looking for living space in the housing association sector, which has all sorts of housing available, but we don’t know at which term. The private sector is out, as it is twice as expensive and not affordable for him.

I saw my SPN this morning and she was surprised that we were already at the stage of seriously making plans to divorce and that I was feeling so good about that. She wanted to make sure that I was not hypomanic and asked me several times, but I kept assuring her that I am not and that I am not under any kind of suspicion with the people in my surroundings. I also explained my transformation to Nora to her and she only partly felt comfortable with that, because she wanted to know what happened to Irene. I said, “We leave her behind us in a little pile of ash.” I think she needs some time to think about it. I need to show her that I am a sensible woman sitting there and that I am not off chasing mind illusions. I am becoming the woman I have always wanted to be in a very calm and orderly fashion. I am patient.

My sister said, “But I will always call you Irene,” and I said, “That’s okay, as long as you introduce me as Nora.” I admit, it is a grand gesture, but it is one I need to make to fulfill a wish I have had for a long time. To become that woman and to name myself that.

Now, first I want to get the divorce done and then I want to change my name. I will automatically regain my maiden name and I still have that on all legal documents, so that is no problem. I don’t think that getting the divorce is going to take that long.

It takes 6 months to change your first name. I am sure they don’t want you to do it on a whim. It has to be a well thought over decision. The queen has to sign the final papers. It’s too bad that I don’t have any connections with the royal house. I’d have that done in no time.

In the meantime it is coming up on 10 PM Tuesday evening and I have all sorts of things left to do. There very seldom is a dull moment in my life, except for those rare moments in the wee hours of the night when I ought to be asleep and find myself in the twilight zone. I am not so much bored then as I am grumpy and in the wrong state of mind. You won’t tell anybody about that, will you? Can’t be ruining my reputation as a cheerful person.

Eduard is at work and as a result I am listening to my music full blast, well, that’s exaggerating a little bit. I just have it turned up loud enough. Such pleasure, French chansons. I think Eduard is supposed to be home at 10:30, so I will wait for him, or rather, I will not go to bed and just stay up and enjoy myself with all my little to do things.

I will publish this now and not wait to add to it in the morning. I will start something new in the morning, no doubt. I am sure something will pop up in that imaginative head of mine. Maybe I will post some pictures then also.

I don’t know when you will read this, but have yourself a good day or evening or morning, whatever it is that you are having. I will have myself a good rest of the evening and not look forward to going to bed yet. Oh bed, who wants that anyway?


P.S. See my other blog “Nog eens een keer een leuke weblog…”


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Just a second!

Sunday morning. I tried to go back to bed this morning after I wrote the first post and I tried to get comfortable, but it was all just a battle for naught. My back hurt so much, that I would just drowse off for a little while and then wake up again from the pain and moan while I tried to get more comfortable. Eduard probably thought I was putting on quite a show, but it was just awful and I don’t know what to do, but sit in this office chair with a pillow in my backand type. I am really in agony unless I sit perfectly upright in this chair and barely move a muscle. I really should not type, but that is too boring and Eduard is still “sleeping”, so I can’t be looking for music now. Bah humbug! Here is a picture of Gandhi:

She looks a little mean in that one doesn’t she? Like she is saying, “If you do that one more time, I’ll scratch your eyes out.” She isn’t a mean cat at all, as a matter of fact, she is just a plain old sweetheart.

In the meantime, I have been doing something totally different. I accidentally ran into some very good Baroque music and made a 4 page playlist of that and now I am listening to it, which is rather pleasant and quite a change from all that other stuff I have been listening to. It is good for an orderly mind, it’s very mathematical. Very precise and aligned and squared off and measured. It’s good for the architect that hides in me and the little civil servant. You can picture that, can’t you? We have to keep an eye on that woman and see what she is up to. Can’t just having her roaming around without having a straight jacket handy. She may be the sort of person who is going to hamper all of Nora’s good efforts. Can’t have that.

Well, I may write some more later, we’ll see.

Monday morning in the wee hours. Eduard got up yesterday morning and did some housework for me and walked Jesker and then there was really not much for us to do, but sit and stare at each other without having much to discuss, because we have discussed everything we can up to now, so I suggested that he have another afternoon off and he did. He left on his bicycle with a bottle of water and his digital camera and his wallet and was gone for three hours, which was nice, because it gave me some breathing space in which I could just do what I wanted to do. I listened to music and started a new blog in Dutch.

Yes, I have never written in Dutch and I don’t know how well I am going to manage, because i also never read any Dutch blogs and I am going to have to find those, but I am going to give it a try. It will not be as comprehensive as this one, more short and to the point and a bit more business like. I don’t do emotions well in Dutch and it is not as much appreciated. The Dutch don’t like a lot of drama. They like self criticism, so the style of the blog will be a lot different.

When Eduard came back from his bike ride, we did briefly discuss getting paperwork organized for the mediator and the few pieces of furniture and household goods he is going to take with him when he moves out. It doesn’t amount to much. Just some odds and ends to get him started. He is going to get a lot of things at the goodwill store. Luckily, Eduard is one of those people who cares very little about how well decorated his place is and he doesn’t mind if nothing matches and is a bit old and worn. In this case, I do appreciate that. He doesn’t need to go to Ikea.

I really and truly appreciate the fact that I can own up to not being in love with my husband anymore, when before I thought that I very much was and that I would die without him. I believed in the love story of our marriage and I believed in the holiness of our love. I believed that together we were one and that we could not be separated, that one would be incomplete without the other.

Suddenly a switch got turned in my brain and I stopped believing all those things in an instant and I saw my husband for who he was, just an ordinary human being with all his faults and weaknesses, who also happened to have hurt me very much. I saw that my marriage was in very many ways dysfunctional and suffocating and that what I thought was love, was maybe really an extreme form of dependency. I saw that it was unhealthy for the both of us.

Seeing this so clearly, made me very determined to call a halt to it immediately, because I will not stay in a dysfunctional relationship, as I have been in two of those already and I know what harm they can do to your mental health. In this case the damage was incipient, because Eduard had been a benign partner and his actions had always been based on kindness, which made them nonetheless unhealthy. They allowed me to become very needy and dependent and dysfunctional and took away my believe in myself as an independently functioning human being. At the same time, it gave him an exaggerated sense of responsibility for me and made him believe that he was fully accountable for the wellbeing of us both 24 hours a day.

So, it is a good thing that we go our own way now. We need to let go of each other in order to survive and be the free people we are meant to be. Unfortunately, Eduard did not have a way to tell me this. He could only act it out by having an affair.

I won’t forgive him for the way he handled that. The way he went about lying about it and carrying on behind my back and making excuses and being a damn cheater. But I am divorcing him and I never have to worry about that anymore. The next woman will have to. What a relief.

My back is still not better, actually, i should say my side, because that where the pain radiates to. If I didn’t know better, I would think that there is something wrong with one of my kidneys. If things don’t get better by the end of this week, I will go back to the doctor. I think I need to be closely examined.

Well, you good people, I suppose I will go and try and write something in Dutch now. It is more like a homework assignment than a pure writing pleasure, but I do need the practice. I am not feeling the least bit artistic, so I am not posting any bits of art just now. Maybe someday soon again.

Have a great Monday. It’s the ultimate dragon slaying day, after all.


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Eduard objected to the fact that I said in my previous post that he went out back to make a quick phone call before he went off on his motorcycle. He did not make a phone call then and he says it makes him look sneaky, which he isn’t anymore. So, I withdraw that statement and say that I don’t know when he made that phone call, but he did not sneak out back and make it. That was my mistake. I hope I rectified that here.

When he came home, we had our first ‘normal’ discussion about our divorce and what we need to do in order to dissolve our marriage. It went very amicably and I think that we will handle it just fine and that we will not have any major arguments about it. We seem to agree on how we want things to go and how to divide things up and who gets which cats and Eduard is being more than fair, as he should be. We will do it so it causes the least amount of upset for me and Eduard will help me in every possible way. It will be a friendly and cordial divorce and afterwards we will have a friendly and cordial relationship. I did not say friendship, I said friendly and cordial.

I, for one, feel greatly relieved. I don’t know how Eduard feels and I won’t try to interpret that here. I feel like I am crawling out of a deep dark cave that I’ve been living in for a long while and am going out in the sunshine again. It will be wonderful to live my own life by my own rules and be answerable only to myself. I am ready to be an individual and not to be in a symbiotic relationship that was unhealthy for the both of us. We were codependent of each other and it was not good, because we fed each other’s worst aspects. Now that we are going to be apart, I can see that so clearly. A lot of good is going to come out of this, I can see that now.

I am not planning on having another relationship, because I don’t think relationships bring out the best in me. I think I am dysfunctional in relationships and I don’t wish to be. I am afraid that, until I am completely who I am supposed to be, I will not function well with somebody else, and that may take me the rest of my life. That is fine with me. I will concentrate on other sorts of relationships first. The friendship kinds and the family bonds. First I will become the Nora that I have the vision of and that is going to take some practice.

My lumbago! Well, what can I say? It is painful, but the painkillers help a lot, they really do and I get around a little better. The desk chair is still the best place to be and I spent a lot of time there yesterday. I can’t afford another round at the physiotherapist, so ten days worth of painkillers should do the trick, if I need them that long at all. I’ve heard of other people that it usually lasts 4 to 5 days. Darn, and I was doing so well too.

I found a lot of new to me artists over at Deezer’s yesterday and made a long playlist. Some of them I can get at the library, so I will get the CD”s there. In the meantime, I can listen to the playlist. I just can’t share it with you, which is kind of a bummer, because I would want you to know sometimes which artists I have found and listen to. Have you ever heard of a band called “Death Cab for Cutie”? Well, that’s my point and they are good! So are Badly Drawn Boy and The Shins and Nada Surf and Phoenix and dEUS.

Well, me and my newly found wisdom about modern music! Jeez, speaking of the newly converted. If anybody wants to point me to a really good artist, then please feel free to do so. In the meantime, you can watch and listen to this. By the way, dEUS is a Belgian rock band.

I think The Netherlands should get together with Flanders and form one country and become the United Low Countries and have a president. We share a language and a culture and a history, we may as well become one and it would make for an ever so much more interesting country if we had the Flemish in it also. They have a better sense of humor then we do, socially and politically. We would do away with the royal houses and have presidential elections and all sorts of wonderful political parties. I wonder when someone is seriously going to consider this? Maybe I should start up a movement. They have wonderful food and beers there also. I think we should do it. All those in favor…Are there any Belgian readers in the house?

Well, now I am going to end this epistle. I’ve blathered on long enough. I am going to read some blogs, I mustn’t neglect my good friends out there. I am actually waiting for it to be time for it to take the rest of my medicines. I still have to wait 45 minutes, that seems like a long time.

Have a fun Sunday. Have a sunny Sunday and a lazy one.


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No matter what.

I have slept from 7 PM yesterday evening until 2 AM this night and since I am in pain no matter what I do, I may as well sit in his relatively comfortable desk chair and write a post, because I don’t know what else to do at this time of the night. I am sitting perfectly upright with my back completely supported and both feet planted firmly on the ground and I’m wondering how long I will last this way. Actually, I think my feet should be up a bit higher, but I haven’t figured out a solution to that yet. If Jesker would lie down there…

Speaking of Jesker, he was bathed and trimmed yesterday and now we can really see how chunky he is. It must be his advancing years that make him hold on to the weight and his relative smaller amount of movement now that he has the osteoarthritis. He gets 3 twenty-five minute walks a day, sometimes a little longer and then a short walk late in the evening. Lately his back legs have been trembling after his walks like they have done earlier when he was in pain. Still, he needs the exercise, so I am not going to cut back on his walks and I do try to make them longer instead of shorter, unless I think he is in really bad shape. He has always been 4 kilos overweight since we’ve had him and he is heavier now. Still, he managed to jump into the back of the station wagon on his own yesterday. He is a surprising dog.

Eduard is being really good about helping me out, but then he has always been the gallant knight in armor when it comes to rescuing damsels in distress, it’s just that I would rather not be a damsel in distress right now. I find the timing of this especially bad. I did find out, in the meantime, that a divorce mediator in our case is subsidized, because of our income, and is not expensive at all. So, that’s a big relief. I have contacted the free legal organization for a recommendation. I figure, if I don’t get the ball moving, nobody will. So, I’m moving the ball and Eduard’s reaction to it is mostly silence.

Oh Lord, I just had to get up to take my pain medication. It was sitting on the coffee table. It was quite an expedition. I sat down on the sofa and it was as bad as giving birth. Then I had to get up again. Siting in this desk chair is very easy in comparison. Every time I think it is a bit better, it is not. It fools me.

Eduard is going to find out if he can get off work with something called “care leave.” It may be possible if by Monday I am not moving around yet. Also, on Monday my gastric band is supposed to be filled some more and I can’t take the bus, so Eduard will have to take me by car. Oh Bother! I would actually like to be strapped to this desk chair and be moved around that way. It has wheels, so I can just be pushed around. Well, there are wheelchairs at the hospital, so I will use one of them.

I had coffee with my sister yesterday morning and told her about my plan. I didn’t need to explain much to her, as I have been keeping her up to date regularly. She’s mostly very supportive and wishes she had the courage to do the same, but she has two children and finds it harder to make that decision. I think when it comes to men and marriage, we are both two disillusioned people and neither one of us would have a go at it again.

Eduard was just out here criticising the way I am sitting here behind the computer. He doesn’t understand that I find the most comfortable way to sit and that that works for me. It may not look right to him, but it works for me. He is very much a busybody.

Okay, it has taken me forever to write this much, what with having to try and sit comfortably, so I will end this now. There may be more missives from me later today, because I will probably be very bored today.

Have a good Saturday you all. Ciao…

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I am writing this in considerable amount of pain, because I have lumbago. I got it this afternoon by pulling wet laundry out of the washing machine. Suddenly I felt a huge pain and could not do anything any more; breathing hurts. Eduard took me to the doctor’s office by car, because there was no other way for me to get there. The doctor prescribed a mega dose of painkillers to get me through the next few days and then we will see if it is any better.

The worst thing is that now I literally can’t do anything, everything causes pain and I haven’t even tried to lie down yet, because I am afraid I won’t be able to get up again and I am completely dependent on the goodwill of Eduard. I don’t like it! Talk about the timing being absolutely off.

Well, I have to move to the sofa now. You should see the way I shuffle around the apartment. I am like a little old lady.


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Thursday afternoon.

I sat down with Eduard behind the computer this afternoon, because we weren’t happy with the layout of the blog and so weren’t some of you, so we looked at a whole bunch of options again and noticed that there were some with a custom image header and I decided to give that a try and this is the result of that. A wide text column that’s easily readable and a blogroll and archives and a photograph of me and a decent enough header. What more can you ask for?

Hopefully, I’ll leave this alone for now and not mess around with it anymore, but now that I know that there are layouts to play with, I may play some more, it is almost inevitable, of course. It’s like asking a kid to stop playing by the pond.

We’ve also uploaded some more music to the Real Player and downloaded it to Eduard’s MP3 player. Portishead for one. They are pretty darn good and we agree on this one. These people are similar to Massive Attack and they lead you to Garbage which leads you to a bunch of other good groups. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the CD’s I am supposed to get from the library. It’s going to be so much fun to upload them. I feel very greedy about that. Like a kid in the candy store.

Eduard has just vacuumed the sofa, the good soul. It really needed it too, Jesker’s hair was all over it and I am not supposed to vacuum yet. My lower back aches a lot despite the sessions with the physiotherapist and I think it is just going to be a chronic problem. I still have that ache in my side from leaning into the armrest, although I try to do very little of that and I am constantly on guard not to and to sit on both buns.

The problem is that I find it very difficult to just sit straight with both my feet in front of me placed squarely on the ground. I always want to sit at an angle with my legs crossed in effort to have the least amount of backache. It is probably the wrong way to sit, but try telling my subconscious that. I automatically do what it wants. It rules, man.

It is warm outside, but it is supposed to start raining sometime this afternoon and already the clouds have gathered. It’s the kind of weather that makes you expect thunderstorms. Muggy and warm and ominous.

My nephew has broken his wrist when someone kicked a football against it very hard, so now he has a temporary cast on it, which is going to be replaced by a permanent cast on Monday. That has to do with the swelling. Poor guy. He is such a football player and now he won’t be able to for a while. Let’s just hope he gets a cast in a cheerful color.

Eduard is going to the GP this afternoon to get some painkillers for his golfer’s elbow. He is not able to give it the proper rest it requires at work and it is bothering him a lot still. It’s his left arm, but he still uses it a lot, even though he tries not to and has other people do a lot of lifting for him. Without realizing it, you use your left arm more than you know.

It’s incredible how quickly the day is passing, but I do keep taking naps on the sofa. Whenever I start to feel down, I lie down and go to sleep and when I wake up I feel better. It’s just a need for sleep that gets me that way and a need for sweets, I crave them too. Yesterday, I ate cookies, but now they are all gone and I can’t be bad anymore, which is probably a good thing considering my still expanded waistline. Now I am eating some tiny little pickles from a delicatessen jar that calls them Petits Cornichons. They are okay. I don’t think they are as spicy as they could be and they are making me burp. When in doubt, burp. Two if by land, burp if by sea.


Eduard has bought nectarines, but they are not ripe yet and will have to sit in the bowl for a while and you notice again how supermarkets so very often sell unripe fruit that they expect the customers to eat as if it is okay to. The problem is that they don’t ripen well in the bowl and very often rot before they ripen properly. You want fruit that comes right of the tree that is sun kissed and just ripe and still warm. That’s the best kind.

I remember, as a kid, laying under some cross bay bushes that belonged to a great uncle of mine and stuffing myself with the cross bays. They were so good! They were growing in a sunny spot and very sweet and I ate so many of them. I don’t know if that was actually appreciated. When they gave me permission to eat some, I don’t think they expected me to eat so many.

Man, those pickles have made me sick. I must have had too many of them and they are not agreeing with me at all. Mean little buggers. They may have been petits, but they packed a wallop.

Well, time to go scrub the toilet. Off I go, wish me luck.


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In the Netherlands, religious holidays are always celebrated on Sunday and Monday, so today is also an official holiday and Eduard has the day off and all the stores and everything are closed. I should say that a religious holiday is celebrated for two days, so we have first and second Easter Day and first and second Christmas Day etc.

It is appreciated very much by the general population, of course, except that you always have to remember to do extra shopping, allowing for that extra day when all the shops are closed, besides them being closed on Sundays. I think in the States what we have now is called Pentecost, but I am not absolutely sure. It is Whitsun in England.

When I write England, I really mean Great Britain, Just like people say Holland when they really mean The Netherlands. Holland refers to just the two western provinces of South and North Holland. I guess it is the same as saying America when people really mean The United States of. Canada and Mexico are in North America too.

I guess it would be better if we were all more accurate, but people in the Netherlands really refer to their country as that, except for the Limburgers who mean everybody who does not come from Limburg when they say Hollanders. Then try to explain to them that you are not a Hollander when you come from some other region in the Netherlands. Somebody from the Northeast does not want to be referred to as a Hollander.

It is actually almost 5 AM and I slept from 9 PM last night. The only reason that I am up now is because I had to go to the toilet. That always wakes me up sufficiently to make me want to stay up and have my first mug of coffee and my first cigarette. It is one of the highlights of my day. I walk into the living room, turn on the lights, turn on the computer and walk into the kitchen to make my first mug of Senseo. When I am done doing that, the computer is ready and I am ready to blog.

Physically, I have all the symptoms of a depression. I am slow as a sloth and unmotivated and absentminded and uninterested in many things. My main occupations are sleeping, daydreaming and blogging, but I am not unhappy. I am just enormously slow and preoccupied with very unimportant things. Nothing really gets accomplished and I really don’t care. I am perfectly contend to just waste the whole day not accomplishing anything at all.

I would only start to worry if I got visions of doom to go with this, but I don’t have those. In my own way, I am perfectly happy, as long as no one expects anything out of the ordinary from me. A lot is out of the ordinary right now. It can mean many things, such as walking the dog at noontime in the hot sun and feeling that I have to drag my body through the warm day. What a bother. And doing yesterday’s dishes promptly in the morning, I’m just not up to it. The only thing I still don’t mind doing very much is the laundry. For some reason, that is still very satisfying.

Eduard has an outing planned for us today. It involves the motorcycle and riding into Belgium. The rest is a surprise. I hope it involves a lot of sitting down at café tables having cappuccinos. That’s what I would really like. I hope it doesn’t involve a lot of hiking, but knowing Eduard it is going to be strenuous, because he is in such good shape. I will wear my hiking boots, just in case and then I will tell you all about it tomorrow. With my bone weary body, which is going to get a nice massage then from the physiotherapist.

I have been sitting very crooked again and I think it is because I am not paying enough attention. I have a big pain in my right side from eternally leaning on the armrest of the office chair. I have to remember to sit on two buns and I keep forgetting. If I remember, I automatically sit straight. Once I am leaning on the armrest good, I have a heck of a time getting myself off it without it hurting. I move like an old injured woman.

Last night I dreamed that my ex, the republican, was working for Barack Obama and that he was begging him for a raise. Apparently I was still married to him, because we lived in a house of which the walls were covered in ivy, but that had no roof and we could not afford the mortgage and the Jeep Cherokee. Barack Obama’s wife drove her Jeep Cherokee in rallies and he suggested that I do the same thing and I told him that I could not afford the gas.

Then I dreamed that Jesus was supposed to be burned on the cross in a motel room and that it was all carefully planned by his disciples and him, according to some version of the Old Testament, except that something went wrong in the planning and that a careless chambermaid ignited the fire too soon by creating a draft while making the beds when Jesus wasn’t on the cross yet. He tried to get on in the middle of the fire, but it was too late and he and Simon were arguing about whose responsibility it had been that there had been a snafu. It was decided that the chambermaid was in cohorts with the devil and therefor she became evil.

Then I dreamed that I lived in an institution with other people who regularly became psychotic and who had to give themselves injections when they did, but there was a major campaign to get them and their periodic craziness accepted by the public at large and to have them inject themselves while they were out performing regular jobs during which they would become psychotic. One man was a door to door insurance salesman and was proud of the fact that he would get psychotic during a visit and excuse himself and give himself an injection and be alright again 20 minutes later.

One of the exercises we did in the institution was ballroom dancing and I thought it was scary to dance with crazy people and also to go out onto the grounds and go for walks with them. I was torn between accepting that I was as crazy as them and denying it and being afraid of them.

Well, some of that is pretty clear while the rest of it is very obscure. Anyone who can figure it out is welcome to.

Eduard is still very busy sleeping. Sometimes I can here him snore a bit. That never bothers me and sometimes Jesker snores too, so they snore in unisome. Yesterday morning, I didn’t let Jesker out on time and he did a piddle on the living room floor, much to his own embarrassment. He is mortified when he does and this is only the second time that he has. I must have been so preoccupied that I didn’t pick up any urgent signals. He is such a good dog and really waits until there is no other option.

Lord, the thought of getting the show on the road is really daunting. It must be done and I am trying to figure out what is important and how quickly I need to do what and in which order. I think as long as Eduard is not up, I am not going to worry about a thing, though. That’s a good excuse, don’t you think?

I suppose that is all I’ve got to share with you for now. I’ll go and visit some other bloggers in my alter ego, or should I say my real ego, because I do insist on being Norah here. Even if it means being “Bloody Norah.” Noortje is just an endearment for Norah.

Oh, by the way, after some time, I will delete my other blog. Say in about a month. That will give everybody the opportunity to have made the move. I think that is more than ample time. Maybe I’ll do it sooner. Say, in about 2 weeks. After that I will have to find a way to gather new readers around me. It will be a whole new challenge.

Have a terrific day, don’t work too hard, because none of us here are.


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