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There comes a time, when you have read so many blogs that you are saturated with them and that you can not leave another sensible comment. Then it is time to quit and save the rest of them for another day ,says I, who is not a quitter and who goes on until the bitter end, but even I have to admit when i am beat. Much as I would like to leave an amusing or other form of astounding comment, at one point my brain is not capable of it anymore and I just blank out. That’s why I take turns beginning either at the top of the list or at the bottom, so that all people will get an equal share of my attention.

Today I had the fortune of sharing the woes of my pitiful financial situation with the group of people at my ergo therapy and let me tell you, a worry shared weighs less and there was much compassion all around making me not feel so alone in all of this. As I heard myself speak, I realized how ridiculous the whole thing was and how strange bureaucracy works and how I need to fight the system by being a dishonest citizen. I will nver be gullible and naive again and always watch out for number one.

I stayed home this afternoon, waiting for the tax people to call me, which of course they didn’t and they probably won’t until the very last day in the very last hour, but if that is what they are planning on doing, I am calling them first. I do have a mouth to open and a brain to form the right words to say what’s on my mind. I am not some easily intimidated person whom they can talk under the table.

This morning I had a stomachache worrying about it all, but it quickly disappeared and I am now my usual feisty self.

I am making friends on Facebook and collecting an eclectic bunch of people, one of whom wants to flirt with me, but I think I am old enough to be his mother and he lives in South Africa. It’s all in good fun, though, and I can take it as far as I let it go. I try not to neglect anyone and go by everyday to send them each a message. Not good karma or flowers or eggs with surprises in them, but just a plain old message.

Jesker is being his regular spoiled self and thinks he needs to be walked every hour. Of course, I don’t fall for this and he is very disappointed when I don’t. I try to give him some other kind of attention to divert his mind and that usually works, until he gets bored again and wants to go out. He has a great need to look for inedible substances and thinks he will find those all over the place whenever we go out.

I am so tired at the end of the day. I look forward to going to bed, yet try to postpone it until I am a zombie and barely capable of coherent movement. I have put clean sheets on the bed today, so it will be extra nice to go to sleep tonight. I love crispy clean sheets.

Today at ergo therapy we had to rob each other’s territory with paint on a large piece of paper and the battle between me and my partner became so heated that we ended up taking the whole bottles of paint and squirting them directly on the paper. It was hard to see who won, it was a close draw, but a lot of fun, as opposed to the other couple who neatly stayed in their own territory. It was all a matter of interpretation and how far you were willing to go. I will go far to defend my territory. You learn something new every day.

The other obvious thing is too, that I am full of humor there and I am not so in real life. In real life I have a tendency to be too serious, so I have to learn to carry this humor out into the outside world. Apparently I make people like me through my sense of humor and my big mouth and everybody will tell you that I am a nice person.

I receive lots of good kudos there, if only I could do that in real life.

I’ve got to find myself a new book to read,as i finished the one about Chicago May. I am hoping there are some books on the book case that I haven’t read yet. At least ones good enough to put me to sleep. I have my whole sleeping ritual of making toasted bread and a glass of warm milk and getting my book and my strongest reading glasses. The warm milk really helps me sleep, it works better than a sleeping pill. The toasted bread is comfort food, to make it more cozier, I share it with the dog.

Well, that’s all she wrote for today. It’s time to sit back and relax for a few moments before walking Jesker again and putting his eye drops in. There is never rest for the wicked.

Sleep tight everyone, treat your alarm clock with patience, it’s only doing its job.



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This morning, during ergo therapy, I was telling everyone about my week and I was also telling them about the Überhund and his osteoarthritis and his cataracts and how he is getting old and is going to be showing all these old age disabilities. The leader of the groups asked me what was going to happen to me when the Überhund died and I answered that I was going to have a very tough time with that, because he is like my child and my whole day is centered around him.

This resulted in a discussion with the whole group about me getting another dog now, so that the loss won’t be as bad when the Überhund does pass away. Most people were for it and some had their doubts, but it did get me thinking and when I got home and found the time, I checked out some of the local websites of the Humane Societies where you can see a photograph and a description of each dog that is up for adoption.

I found one dog that is about 6 years old and a crossbred hunting dog. He is very friendly and gets along well with other dogs and likes to travel by car. The only problem is that he is in Heerlen, which is 14 kilometers from here, so I need transportation, although I can go by train.

I called my sister and told her about my potential plan, but she was very busy and gave me a very negative reaction to the whole thing. She could not explain at the time why she felt that way, because she had company, but she said she would call me back later. I am curious to hear her objections.

Apparently she had already given it some thought and had anticipated some sort of move from me like that, which is funny, because I never talked about it. Now I do feel that I have to have permission from my sister to get another dog, because I am dependent on her for transportation. Don’t you hate being in that sort of situation?

Anyway, I suppose I will listen to her arguments and then make up my own mind about it. I will have to get a collar and a leash and an extra pillow. I realize that two dogs will be extra work and extra costs in food and vet bills, but it should also bring two times the amount of joy and love.

If anybody has any feelings about this, please feel free to share them with me. I am open to all input.

Today, at ergo therapy, we discussed our lesser personality traits like I thought we would and I discussed the one I called my stand offishness, which is really a kind of detachment. It is strange, but other people don’t experience me that way at all. They think I am friendly and kind and open. They don’t realize that I hold back a lot and keep putting up that invisible wall.

We took turns leaving the room and the group had to pick a card out of the whole deck that best described the person that was gone. When I came back, they had picked for me ‘smart mouthed’, which I had to laugh about heartily, because I do have something to say always in a more or less humorous way. It’s a humorous sort of cynicism.

Anyway, the theme we are going to be working on is ‘detachment’ and why we have it and what function it serves and how we can possibly get over it without getting our feelings stomped on. It takes courage not to be detached and you get that way because of many experiences that taught you to be like that.

Now that I’ve got all me medications sorted out again, the leader of the group said I looked better than I had in a long time. It just goes to show you that I must not mess with my medicines. It’s a big no no.

Well, I wont quite say goodbye on this post yet, but save it for later tonight, after I’ve heard from my sister and what her arguments are. I’ll just save it for now. So you’ll hear the rest of the story in a while.

My sister called me back and was quite honest with me about why I should not get another dog at this time. She reminded me how expensive it is to take care of a dog properly, buying him good food, taking him to the vet, getting him groomed regularly and that this was already difficult for me to do for the Überhund, let alone for another dog.

She also thought that I was too attached to him and saw him almost as a human being instead of a dog and that I need to work on developing relationships with real human beings and that the Überhund can not be a replacement for having friends in my life.

She is right on all counts and I have changed my mind about getting another dog and will do what she says and that is take care of the Überhund really well and try to get some human beings into my life also. I suppose it is really good if you have a sister who tells you the truth sometimes.

So, that is the end of that short lived idea and in the meantime I am trying to get a hold of the woman who grooms the Überhund, as it is time for him to have a bath and a trim, as he is getting kind of stinky, according to my sister, which I don’t smell, of course, being with him all the time.

Well, it is now 5AM and just let the Überhund out in my bathrobe. That is, I let him run around out front while I stood by the outside door and smoked a cigarette while he did his business, he was in such urgent need.

I’ve got to visit some blogs. I am way behind on those.

Have a good day and don’t be having any sort of bright ideas suddenly without discussing them with your sibling first.


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The day started off with me getting up at 5AM and fixing myself a mug of coffee and turning on the computer, but all the while I was sitting there kind of bleary eyed as if I wasn’t quite in my right senses. I tried to remedy this by drinking the coffee and eating some toast, but it was all for naught and at 6AM I was forced to go back to bed and sleep some more, which I did very easily. All I had to do was put my head on the pillows and pull the duvet over me.

I woke up at 10 AM and finally felt awake enough to stumble out of bed to the Senseo machine to make myself some coffee and have a nice leisurely wake up with numerous mugs of coffee and equally numerous cigarettes, except that suddenly the Exfactor showed up to come and get some motor parts and I was still in my pajamas which he didn’t seem to notice at all. He was never observant that way. We had a cup of coffee and then he was on his way and I called my older sister and had a nice leisurely chat with her. That way the morning was a complete waste of time. I did check my bank account and found out that I am solvent again.

Then I carefully picked out what i was going to wear and took the Überhund for a walk and he surprised me with three baggies full. Luckily, I am always prepared.

I cleaned the house and then noticed that my back tire was kind of low and called the Exfactor to find out if I had a bike pump anywhere. it turned out I did and I proceeded to try and pump up my tire and I did it wrong and in the process let all the air our of my tire and couldn’t figure out how to work the pump to get the air back in, so i had to call the Exfactor again to ask him what to do. He was kind enough to come over and show me what I had done wrong and how to do it right the next time. Isn’t that awful? A Dutch woman who doesn’t know how to work the bike pump?

Anyway, I made rice in chicken bouillon for the Überhund who knew exactly what I was doing and was waiting very impatiently for me to get done with it. The cooling off period is the worst, because he knows that it is done, but he has to wait. Actually, I am now becoming quite adept at cooking rice, which was not one of my strong points before. You just mustn’t let yourself get intimidated by it.

I am trying to read so many blogs now that I have to take out a few hours every day to read them all. I do want to leave comments, as I appreciate it so much when people leave comments on mine. I would like to get paid for reading blogs, that would be a good part time job for me.

I need to go walk the Überhund as it is starting to get dark outside and I don’t want to wait too long, besides, he is giving me signals that it is time, so I better go now. See you in a while…

So, we had ourselves a nice little walk, although there are always various bushes and other interesting nooks and crannies that i have to pull him out of, where he looks for (in)edible stuff to munch on. He has very strange taste in food stuff. Pretty disgusting actually. He acts like he is a starving street dog who never gets anything to eat. His nose is always to the ground looking for, what to him is, food.

I have been drinking decaf for a while now and I am slowly winding down. After I am done writing this I will watch some TV and then head off to bed. As soon as I start yawning I know I am getting close to calling it a day. I am craving a huge cold vanilla shake, but do you think I can find one of those around here? The cola light is all gone, so I think I will drink a huge glass of cold milk.

You have yourself a great day and a dog with discriminating tastes.


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The Uberhund and I have just gone for our last walk of the day. For some reason, he is always impatient for this one and really won’t wait for it to be the proper time, so I take him when he wants to go very badly and he won’t leave me siting here in peace, but keeps moaning and groaning and urgently walking up and down.

Of course, once we get outside, he has no urgent business, he just wants to go out and have a good sniff around the neighborhood. I am sure that by that time a myriad of dogs have left their messages on the tree trunks and the bushes and the lamp posts, so we have to stop practically everywhere and he has to add his two or three drops to it. It’s a shame he can’t pee so very high, he is one of the low men on the totem pole. I don’t think it bothers him very much, he never checks afterwards if he did it well enough.

You would be amazed by how many people own dogs around here and they are all pure bred, there is not a mongrel amongst them. They are, for the most part, well behaved and very seldom is there an argument between two dogs when they meet. Sometimes, little dogs can be a bit feisty, because of their inferiority complex, and the Uberhund gives them a wide berth. He is also only mildly interested in puppies and only checks them out once and after that he completely ignores them.

He thinks children are mildly interesting and goes over to sniff them, but he has no patience to be petted by them. He is sort of a snob and just wants to be going on his way and do his own business. He likes big dogs and is not intimidated by them. He checks out their private parts carefully as if that tells him a lot about them.

The only dogs he dislikes instantly are pit bulls, but luckily we don’t run into many of them. He barks at them very ferociously and pulls at the leash and the pit bulls respond in kind. I am sure we would have an awful mess on our hands if they ever got away from us.

I am very happy to inform you that the Temazepam is working at full strength now and that I feel ever so much better and that I need to have my head examined for trying to quit another medication on my own, but I do foolishly try that at times and as a rule it doesn’t work out. Somehow, I have to remember that, but when you feel good, you convince yourself that you will keep feeling good when you quit those pills. It is a common occurrence with psychiatric patients and a big downfall in their treatment. Luckily, I have always had the sense to go back to my pills when I realized I was in trouble.

I was beginning to feel so nicely hypo manic at the beginning of the week and I wasn’t even planning on doing anything about it, because I thought that it was a good state of mind to be in. I had convinced myself of the positive effects of it, but it sure backfired on me. It goes to show you how irrational a human being can be in different states of mind. Not at all willing to call in the help that she needs.

Well, as you can see, the Internet was not cut off, nor were the telephone or the cable TV. I call that a small miracle and I thank you for lighting the candles, because surely that helped. I keep running into little bits of bad luck, along with the things that go right, but I think that is the human condition, so I will not make a big deal of it.

I have added some new blogs to my favorites and I think it is a bloody shame that this blog design does not allow me to show a blog roll. I don’t want to go with the design that does, as I find it a very cluttered one and it keeps bothering me when I use it and I feel uncomfortable with it. WordPress does have its drawbacks. I need to find some sort of solution to it and will bend my head over it tonight.

I have been listening to my music less these past days and enjoying the complete silence of the apartment. Well, as silent as it gets with a dog and three cats in it. It is like the silence is a noise too. A white peaceful noise in the background. I suppose that’s what I need right now. Not the funky sounds of a jazz saxophone. There is a lot of serenity in silence, although I do interrupt it occasionally with the sound of the news on the TV.

I have found that I enjoy watching sports on television. I watched large portions of the Tour de France and watched the last day of it. I like the mindlessness of repetitive motion like tennis or mountain bike racing. I don’t care much who wins, although usually I am rooting for the underdog. I like to watch football, but I like rugby better and I wish they would show more games. Maybe rugby season is over? I will be a fervent watcher of the Olympic Games in spite of the human rights in China. I am not boycotting the Games.

They should have a ‘walk your dog’ event. I would enter that, although the Uberhund would need to do a little training, because he never walks in a straight line, but wanders all over the place.

Well, off I go. Have a good day, people.


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This is the second post for today. A need to sit and write has overcome me, though I doubt I have that much to say. The urge to put down words and communicate thoughts is never far away, especially not when you have just read everybody else’s blog and realized again how many different kinds of talents are out there. For those of you who didn’t find a comment from me, it was because I was probably too stumped for words. I can be at times and just not know what to say, especially when 29 other people before me have already said something.

So this is what I have done part of the afternoon, read blogs, which was more than necessary, as I was running behind a bit. It seemed like I was never taking the time to do that, but I knew that sooner or later I would and that I would get caught up again. Things move quickly in blogland and before you know it, people have gone and done all sorts of things that you are totally unaware of.

I haven’t taken full advantage of this day by doing a huge amount of things. I have piddled around a lot and dealt with my mail, which seems to come at increasing volumes lately. Every day this results in me having to make phone calls in order to straighten out some situation, which hopefully stays straightened out then. Things don’t always work as they should, nor do people do as they ought to and they need to be spoken to firmly and kindly to get the job done. Diplomacy is a handcraft.

The cats like the new bed very much and sleep on it during the day as well, which is fine with me as it is a rather cozy sight. All three of them are piled on there now and it is especially comfortable, as I have four head pillows. What luxury! I can’t wait to climb in there again tonight and have another long sleep.

I didn’t have to do the groceries today, being visionary and having done those yesterday on a whim, so today was my lazy day, although I have walked the dog three times already and I am about to take him again. I had to make an extra dash to the mailbox and wherever I go, the Uberhund goes, so he gets to have the fun as well and it is enjoyable for both of us. An errand becomes a little outing. We have to cross two streets four times and it is kind of a challenge to the Uberhund, but he is slowly getting the hang of it. He has no sense of traffic and would gladly throw himself right into it if I didn’t prevent him from doing so.

I had planned to go to downtown by bus to buy the big frames to put the movie posters in, but then at the last minute changed my mind about that, as I have no way of hanging them up and someone with a drill will have to make holes in the very hard wall and put plugs and screws in. So, it looks like I will have to ask the Exfactor for a favor again and I don’t want to right now. I think I shouldn’t ask for too many all at once and have some time pass between favors. I don’t want the man to be here all the time. That would be ridiculous.

I need to find someone else who is very handy with a drill and who can measure very well and hang things neatly lined up. Maybe my upstairs neighbor is. I will have to check that out. I must remember not to rely on the Exfactor that much. It’s a bother that I don’t have a very powerful drill with a stone drilling bit on it.

You see how a woman has to make it a point to become very self sufficient in all areas of her life. There is no reason not to. Only money and the lack of proper equipment stand in our way. It’s a silly thing to always be dependent on someone else, unless you can do them a favor in return, but I go for self sufficiency. I am not going to sew on buttons as a return favor or sew in a zipper.

The Uberhund completely devoured his first special bone and when I gave him the second one, he went and hid it somewhere for later. Who says he isn’t smart? Lazy, yes, but dumb, no. He may forget where he put it and it will be a surprise to him when he finds it.

I’ve got my insurance policy in the mail and I am now insured against such things as theft and fire and liability. That makes me feel a lot better. Considering that most of the furniture comes from Ikea, I should be able to amply replace all of it and have money left over. God forbid anything should happen.

Well, it’s time to take the “make me feel good pills” and take the Uberhund for his outing. There is a natural wet meadow close by here that really expands when it rains and he likes to track through it and drink water from it. Ducks hang out there, because the vegetation is different. The grass around there is nice and soppy and my shoes are permanently wet. But is is all for a good cause.

Have a good day.


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New Blogs

Hi Guys, I have been reading a bunch of new blogs and I want to introduce you to some of them, because I am enjoying them very much. Not all of these people post daily, but most of them post regularly and they are worth the wait. I am not going to go through the trouble of describing them all, you’ll just have to go over to them and have a look for yourself. So, without much further ado, here they are:

A Baguette On My Table, A Lard off My Mind, Art & Clairvoyance, Blue Yonder, Diary of a Housewife, El Collage, Gail Rainwater Photography, I’d rather Be Blogging, Jo Beaufoix, Lost in the Bible Belt, Missing You Already, Not Wrong, Just Different, Piffle, Reluctant Memsahib, Salut! North, Stinking Billy, The Other Side of Paris.

Hope you find something in there that you like. I won’t tell you which of these are my favorites, because they all take their turn. Ciao…

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For two days in a row now I haven’t visited any other blogs, so I must make it a point to do so today and get caught up again. Yesterday, I ran out of time and the day before that I sat and read my own old posts, which was a bit enlightening, because I read about my highs and lows and sleepless nights and how they all tied together. I thought I was going to have another long night of sleep tonight, but I was foiled again and am up in the wee hours of the morning. C’est la vie. I am just not meant to sleep long nights, that’s just the way it is.

I must admit to some sort of excitement at being up and starting the ritual of turning on the computer and starting up the Senseo machine. I don’t know what it is about this time of night that I like so much, but it is true that I enjoy it a lot and that I would miss it if I were to get up at say 6 o’clock in the morning. I would miss that time alone and not having the leisurely pace of writing all of this down as slowly as I do and as contemplatively as I do. I stop writing a lot and just sort of stop and reminisce about things as they enter my head, even though I don’t all write them down. I remember my father making very early nights and being chased back to bed by my mother, who was a real Atilla the Hun and who thought people should stay in their beds until at least 7 am. Tyranny. I have none such here, thank God! Talk about ruling with an iron fist!

One thing I do hear when I am up so early by myself, is the ticking of the new wall clock that we bought at Ikea the other day and it is a pleasant sound. I was brought up with the ticking of many clocks, as my father was a clock maker and we always had many antique clocks in our house. He restored and rebuilt antique clocks and most of them also had chimes on the hour and on the half hour. We grew used to this cacophony of noise and it didn’t keep us awake. The ticking of a clock is very peaceful to me and I wish this one did have chimes. I am never in the right places to run into one of my father’s clocks, but I would recognize one instantly, because he always left an identifying mark on them. Maybe if I went to the right places I would find one of his clocks and buy one.

Well, the chest of drawers has been painted black and it has turned out very well. I started out yesterday by emptying all the drawers and taking the junk out that could go straight into the trash bag. There was still a lot left to save and I found some treasures that I didn’t know were there, such as pictures of the children and my grandson that I didn’t know I had there. There was also an essay there that my son had written in junior high school for which he had gotten a good grade, and that I had forgotten all about, and some poetry he had written when he was quite a bit younger. These are all keepsakes, of course. I remember that he wanted me to get that published, like any budding author.

I started to paint the drawers first and when I was just about done with them, Eduard came home and took over, after that he painted and I supervised and that worked well. I sat on the sofa with my coffee and cigarettes and said such useful things as, “I think you missed a spot there.” and, “That drawer is dry now, you can give it its second coat of paint.” We didn’t argue once and Eduard kept saying what excellent paint it was and how nicely it covered the wood and how quickly it dried. It’s true, it is very nice paint that we used and we will always buy this one in the future too. By the time you have painted everything, the first thing you have painted is just about dry and ready for its second coat.

By five o’clock everything was perfectly dry and we could put the drawers back in and put the TV and the DVD player and the telephone back on top of it. It looks so nice that we are not going to buy new handles for it, it just doesn’t need them. It’s a smooth, slick piece of furniture and it looks just fine the way it is. Fairly soon now, we will have a digital camera and I promise you pictures of the whole living room.

Well, all that supervising does make you tired and I fell asleep on the sofa again after dinner. I was dead to the world and Eduard had to wake me up at nine pm. I was not quite coherent then and only half aware of what was going on around me. That sofa is so comfortable and then Eduard always covers me up with the yellow blanket; that makes me extra comfortable. I took my medicines and smoked a cigarette and had some bread with chicken fillet. The dog had some too, my loyal friend who looks at me longingly when I eat. Then I went to bed and dreamed that I was reading my book, which I was only holding with my eyes closed.

This morning I weigh 87.2 kilos which is a marked improvement over yesterday when I didn’t tell you what I weighed. Anyway, I am in a downward movement again, but it will take some more yogurt to get down to 86 kilos where I briefly was one day. In about one more week, my daughter will be here and I am afraid that she will not see an 85 kilo weighing mother, unless I stop eating altogether and I don’t think I have the willpower for that. Well, maybe just yogurt and juice.

My daughter is a slenderly built girl. There is not an ounce of fat on her and she is mostly muscle and bones. She does lots of yoga and eats healthily. She is actually built like me with broad shoulders and strong legs. If I were skinny, I would look like her. At one point, when she was a teenager, I could wear her clothes. That’s when I was skinny. Now, she is even skinnier than that, doing so much yoga and eating no junk food. She doesn’t eat red meats and eats only biological foods, as far as I know, from a special coöp.

I have been rating myself with sixes for five days in a row now. I am pretty happy about that. It means that I am not hypo manic and that my head is screwed on pretty straight. My psychiatrist is out of town this week, so I don’t know if he got my email asking him about lowering my medication again. For now, I am staying on the higher dosage until I hear differently. I am kind of concerned about going back to the lower dosage as I did me no good the last time. I suppose we must keep trying, though.

l, the coffee is tasting mighty good this morning again and so are the cigarettes. Eduard will stub out a cigarette after he has smoked half of it, because he says he doesn’t like the taste of it anymore. Not me, I smoke that thing down to the filter. I have never met a cigarette I didn’t like, although I prefer non menthols. Gauloises are pretty hefty to smoke, especially without the filter, but that makes you chew the tobacco. I like Peter Stuyvesant the least, those are the cigarettes I smoked first of all when they still made me nauseous. I was a true die hard, smoking anyway in spite of the fact that they made me sick. I was bound and determined to get my nicotine fix.

Now I get my caffeine fix too, although I don’t remember when I started drinking coffee. I know I used to drink it with sugar and milk, then I drank it black for a long time and now I take milk in it again, although I like it best with real cream, as you sometimes get in the cafés. Sometimes in the cafés, you get a little glass with brandy in it topped with whipped cream and you are supposed to tip that into your coffee. It is called a stall holder’s coffee and it is served on open air market day. It’s too bad if you are an alcoholic and you don’t know the custom, because sometimes the glass holds another extract such as almonds. Although I suppose that has alcohol in it too, doesn’t it? Either way, it’s a dangerous custom when you are an alcoholic. (I have experience with alcoholics, that’s why I mention it.)

It used to be very customary to drink tea in the afternoon, but you see more and more people drinking coffee instead., You also see more and more people dunking teabags in cups of hot water. It seems like nobody brews a pot of tea anymore. I am all for brewing tea. You can’t tell me that you get a good cup of tea out of dunking a teabag. Most people take the teabag out before it has steeped long enough, when the water has only taken on the color of tea but hasn’t got the right flavor yet. I like a strong cup of tea myself.

I am off now to read everybody else’s blogs. I must keep up to date. I have lots of time left to do that, there is no one up yet here and they won’t be for a while yet. It’s just me sitting here in this nice living room. I must get the Pledge out and give the chest of drawers a good shine.

Right, cheerio and have a good day. May all your painting days be good ones, whether they are creative or functional like mine. Ciao…

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tolmiea menziesii
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Saxifragales
Family: Saxifragaceae
Genus: Tolmiea
Species: T. menziesii
Binomial name
Tolmiea menziesii
(Pursh) Torr. & Gray

The flower Tolmiea menziesii is the only member of the monotypic genus Tolmiea. It is known by the common names youth on age, thousand mothers, and piggyback plant. It is a perennial plant commonly kept as an ornamental. It is native to the west coast of North America, especially in regions dominated by redwoods. It requires moisture and does not tolerate much sun or dry conditions.

The plant is most interesting for its reproductive habits. It grows plantlets from the petiole near the base of each leaf. The plantlets drop off, fall in the soil, and take root there. It will also reproduce by rhizome and by seed propagation. It bears small flowers of various colors, usually brownish-purple to white depending on the cultivar. It has hairy, toothed leaves and a capsule fruit containing spiny seed.

The plant is also unusual in that it is sometimes diploid and sometimes tetraploid, due to autopolyploidy.

The genus was named after the Scottish-Canadian botanist William Fraser Tolmie.

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