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I changed the theme again of the blog after Maggie May complained about how hard it was for her to read the print on the black background, so there were only two options, either Maggie had to get really strong reading glasses or I had to change the theme of the blog, and since I like change, I didn’t mind doing that at all and at the same time I got to pick out a new image for the header, which I think is very angelic looking to match my mood of innocence and slight rapture at my possible new beginnings.

Yes, I am most definitely pleased about the way things are turning out and I am very grateful for this turn of events and can’t wait to start my new life as an independent woman. I look forward to not being married anymore and throwing of that yuk and being a woman who makes her own decisions about how she lives her life. It will be wonderful not to have to justify what I do to someone else and to have to give an explanation for everything I do or don’t do. Free at last, for the first time in my life. The emancipation of Nora, which I will celebrate with a party of some sort.

I have decided not to take of the two gold bands that I wear on my left ring finger, one of which I wear in memory of my son. In the Netherlands it is the custom of widows to wear their own wedding band as well as their deceased husband’s wedding band on one finger and this way people will think I am a widow and that may save me from some unpleasant encounters. People will treat me with some unspoken respect and that is just the way I like it. Let them assume what they will. As long as I don’t come right out with a statement I will not be lying.

My gastric band was filled this morning and I was very nicely driven over to the hospital by Eduard who took any speed bumps very slowly and carefully. Walking is going ever so much better now and as long as I don’t lean into anything I feel pretty good. Most backrests are hard and uncomfortable so I sit up very straight and don’t lean back. I may even try and take the dog for a walk in a while as long as he does not pull at the leash too much. He is not bothering me about going out, so I have a little bit of time yet. In the morning he gets impatient at six, as Eduard doesn’t take him out until seven, and I tell Jesker to go and wake him up and Jesker does this by barking at him, which Eduard does not appreciate. Jesker is such a smart dog!

Eduard is a bit grumpy in the morning and does not tolerate the cats well on the kitchen counter and the dog at his heels while he gets his breakfast and he grumbles at them and argues with them constantly as if they are people who understand his purpose. The animals have no idea what is is all about and just keep doing the same thing every morning.

I make myself small behind the computer and hope that I am not doing something wrong that will require some comment from him. Grumpy people should live in separate houses.

My younger sister just called me and told me in the strictest confidence that she is getting a divorce to and I am very happy for her, because she has been unhappy for a very long time. I am not to speak to anyone about it though because of the children. They want to have everything arranged as much as possible first and then tell the children, who can then decide which parent they want to stay with. None of you know my sister, so I suppose my secret is safe with you. Mum’s the word. It has to be a successful divorce.

Anyway, that means that all of us three sisters will be without a husband soon and none of us are planning on looking for a new one. We will take them on as platonic friends, but that is about it. We’re not planning on getting into the draining aspects of relationships again. We’ve been burned too much and are possibly too dysfunctional to pick a good healthy partner. We did not have very good role models. All three of us have the tendency to be a bit of an Einzelgänger, so that is alright then. We make our own way through this life.

We’re not telling our older sister anything until both our processes are well underway. There’s no need to inform the whole world until we are fully ready to. I’d like to present everybody with a given fact as much as possible. The beauty lies in the perfect formula in that you don’t have to check with everybody and ask for their stamp of approval or their blessing.

It will be good to hear the words, I now stop pronouncing you man and wife, or something along those lines.

Wel, I have to go and try and take the dog for a walk. My real post for today is below here, in case you haven’t read that yet. Here’s to the true emancipation of womanhood for my sisters and I and hopefully for our daughters too. I know we can do it and come out as fully functioning and capable human beings. You just wait and see.



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