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Poor Überhund had his teeth cleaned yesterday and in the process it was found out that he had an infection in one of his top incisors. A a matter of fact, the vet showed me where there was puss coming out of his gums, so he must have been suffering with this for a while.  So the option was to cut away the gum there or to pull the tooth and I told him to go ahead and pull the tooth. That seemed to me the most straight forward thing to do.

I stayed with the Überhund while we waited for the anesthetic to start working and he literally was standing up one moment and was toppled over the next. He was very floppy after that and the vet could do anything with him at all.

When I came to pick him up in the evening with my sister and the car, he was still very drowsy and almost incapable of walking. At home he sort of tottered to wherever I was sitting, so I tried not to move too many times and ended up taking a nap on the sofa. When I woke up at 10 PM, he was standing there, looking at me quite expectantly, as if to say, “I have to go out now, are you going to take me?” After that, he ate a whole bowl of food and maybe that bad tooth was the reason why he had not been eating so well lately.

All’s well that ends well.

I had ergo therapy in the morning and we had to sit around a very large sheet of paper and keep moving up one place and with each of us, in a different color paint, had to take turns being the manipulator or the manipulated. We could not talk and everything took place in great silence. After two turns, the sheet of paper was changed to a new one until we al had a turn with each person in the group. There was a discussion afterwards about how we interpret what manipulation is and how we do it and if it is always a bad thing.

It turns out that, when I am on my guard, I am a good manipulator and I am not easily manipulated. The person who is the best manipulator in the group, had the hardest time with me, because, while I was manipulating her, she was trying to manipulate me and it didn’t work.

You see how these exercises can be so very educational to a person and really give you a lot of insight into your own psyche.

Social Services is asking me to send in forms, in a rather mildly threatening manner, that I have sent them twice already and that I will now be sending them for the third time. Am I happy about this? I think not. That’s all I’ll say about it for now.

I did, what I hope was, a week’s worth of grocery shopping yesterday. My bike was so loaded with groceries that it is amazing that I made it home in one piece. I did almost get run over by a bus, but he was going slowly, so major injuries were avoided. I just made a little detour to the sidewalk. Actually, I don’t think they’re going to all last for a whole week, but I hope they’ll last past the weekend.

It seemed as though I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off yesterday, but it was all very carefully orchestrated pandemonium. None of the housework got done, but numerous other things did, I just seem to have no recall of most of them. I was running here and there and forgetting to do this and that and then remembering things at the last minute. My shopping list was very good, I know that. I only forgot the sliced sausage for the Überhund.

When you’re gone all morning until almost 1 PM, there is a lot of catching up to do, so I know I would hate to have a fultime job, or I would have to get organized much better and cut out the navel staring times. The umbelical contemplation. Woe is me.

I waste time, though. I know I do. I could become much more efficient and move around the apartment at a much quicker speed and get more done, more quickly. That is just not my style, though. I am not a race horse, I am more like a Belgian draught horse. I am slower but steady. If I go too fast, I become inefficient.

Well, that’s all I have to say, really. It’s not much, but I’m not very inspired. It’s too early in the morning for it. I need numerous cups of coffee still and my medicines and a good walk with the Überhund.



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I had two pieces of toast early this morning and it is now almost 1 PM and I still feel very full, as a matter of fact, I am burping, so that gastric band is really doing its job. Usually, around this time, I would have been eating again, but I don’t feel like it yet. Even the vitamin pills that I took this morning made me feel full, well, they were quite a handfull. That reminds me that I have to look for Omega 3 capsules, because they are supposed to be good for whatever ails you and I do want to add them to the supplements I take. I also want to be taking those kelp tablets again as a supplement to my thyroid medication. You see, I am on a real health kick. I’ve got all my bottles neatly lined up on the kitchen windowsil, next to the Überhund’s pills, so I don’t forget to take them.

Just now, out of the blue, and anticipating some money I will get for my birthday, I ordered a new tunic on line and some ankle boots. They were both very reasonably priced, so I don’t feel all that bad, and it is my birthday and it made me happy. Happy people live longer, I’m convinced of it, so do people who look good. The better looking you are, the longer you live, it’s a theory I have that anyone can shoot holes through without any effort, I know. I need my fantasies, don’t I?

I’ve done the grocery shopping and bought the Überhund some reatively expensive dog food especially for older dogs. He had not been eating well lately and I worried about him getting all his vitamins and minerals. So, I brought this food home and put some in his dish and he ate most of it, so he seems to like it. Which is another relief, because about dog food, he is a picky eater. This stuff is called Benifull, I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of it. It is a no nonsense dog food without all the colors and shapes. The same as the food that the cats are getting now. The colors and shapes are there only for us humans, after all.

I vacuumed the kitchen and the living room and the hallway and the sofa and the chairs. I bet I have to do it again tomorrow before the Exfactor and my sister come.  I bought them each a pastry, but I got none for me. I figure I can’t eat that and I don’t need it anyway. I did buy a container of fresh juice, so that is different than the soda I usually buy. More calories too. I am trying to be very conscious about my health and what little I eat, has to be healthy. That’s why I buy the really good bread and not the factory bread and the margarine with the good start vitamins in it. It’s a bit more expensive, but then I eat so little that I can afford it.

The thing I don’t eat anymore is eggs. For some reason they don’t agree with me and i always end up upchucking them, the same with cheese, I can’t eat that either. I can eat yogurt and curd, lovely with fruit in them and then the non fat kind. I sure am lucky that I live in the dairy country, there is a infinite choice of dairy products and varieties, although there probably is all over Western Europe.

I always make a list before I go to the store and stick to it, otherwise there is too much temptation to buy other things as well, like those little containers of potato salad that I like so well, or the chocolate mousse. I must stick to the shopping list and if I want to cheat, I have to write it on the shopping list beforehand, otherwise I don’t get it. There will not be much cheating now. My stomach feels so full.

Anyway, I don’t do much impulse buying. Very rarely do I buy something that is not on the list and I very rarely let myself buy something that is advertised and that I was not plannning on buying, unless it is something I know I will use in the very near future. Like the cleansing towelettes for my face that I bought this week that were on sale. That is an exception. I am probably a rotten client for the supermarket, but I am steady. I do tend to buy products that are on sale if I was planning on buying some of that already, like dishwashing liquid. If the expensive stuff is on sale, I buy that. I don’t buy cheap items just because they are cheap, many times they are inferior and you get a bad product. Like hairspray, for instance. I bought the cheap one once and regretted it very much, because my hair was like a sticky bunch of spiderwebs.

I just took the Überhund for a walk and he was his usual scrounging street dog self again. Anything that was even remotely edible ended up in his mouth from where I can not dislodge it.  I don’t even try anymore. It is a lost battle for me, he suffers the consequences, except that he doesn’t seem to put two and two together. His instincts are lost to him. Dumb dog.

I saw the strangest woman.  She looked like a stereo typical gypsy woman and she had a small child with her. She even wore those kinds of clothes and had the skin color and the black hair done up in a lose bun and a weather beaten face. It looked like she was a character out of another time, that’s how much she stood out. I was quite startled, because you don’t see many real gypsies around here and she was so very much like one. She had a cigarette dangling from her mouth and she seems a bit uncouth as if she had a chip on her shoulder. She may have been Rumanian. They have a tough life and can’t seem to assimilate, but I can’t figure out what she was doing here. It’s a puzzlement. When I came back, she was gone. Another mystery for Miss Marple.

One streets over, they are having a block party. The street is blocked off and a big party tent has been put up. Various cables lead to the tent and I saw a big barbecue. That should be fun. You see a lot of streets organize these kinds of things. I don’t see our street doing it. We are not cohesive enough. We’re only on saying hello terms.

For some reason my spell check has stopped working and if I do want to double check a word, it gives me a Ducth option, even though I have my language settings in English. It also does this in comments on Blogger and on facebook. Something screwy going on. We are now in the Twilight Zone.

I have two scabs on my left arm that I keep pulling off, not allowing them to heal. It’s a nervous habit that I have. Every time there is a scab, I pull it off and the whole process has to start all over again. I am trying not to do it, but it almost is like an automism, I have to do it. I like pulling off scabs. This way I always look like the walking wounded and people always ask what I have done to my arm, when it is realy nothing at all. I must stop doing that.

I haven’t put my face on yet and went to the store with a bare naked face. Sometimes it is nice not to bother with your make up for awhile. I am going to check in my closet to see what I am going to wear, because what I have on now, I was wearing yesterday and I need some excitement in my life. Pick out a different necklace too. You never know which jehova witness is going to show up at the door.

I think I will go do that now and clean the bathroom. I almost can’t stand the excitement in my life. I could have gone into town today, but it is too much effort and it will be busy and I will have to walk over the heads of the tourists. Oh, those ankle boots I ordered are so cute, but I don’t get them until next week. That’s a long wait when you are impatient.

I just got a card from my oldest sister witha large gift of money in it. That will take ample care of the clothes I ordered. See how it all works out?

Have a good one.


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I don’t know where the day has gone. It seems to have been extremely long and forever since I got up out of bed this morning, yet at the same time it seems like it flew by and I didn’t accomplish half the things that I wanted to. Maybe I have been trapped in a wormhole in space and I have traveled through time in a different way than I ordinarily do.

When I look back at this morning, it seems very far away, as if I am looking at it the wrong way around through binoculars. I see myself way in the distance, starting the day with a mug of coffee. Maybe people with busy lives always have that feeling, as if they are far removed from the beginning. It feels kind of discombobulating, as if I have been stretched longer than the day is wide.

This morning, at creative therapy, I uncovered all those upside down pictures I had glued down with the medium I told you about. I took a sponge with warm water and soaked each picture until I was able to rub the backs off them to reveal the image that was underneath and glued down on the paper. It was actually kind of neat, if not very time consuming, but I rubbed the paper of with my thumbs until it got all crumbly and revealed the picture that i had forgotten was there. The images are imperfect and they should be, I don’t want them to be completely intact, they have hairline scratches and frayed edges, which makes them more interesting. I did about 20 of them and I am nearly done.

Next, I’ll be applying the different layers of paint around them and maybe slightly over them. Applying and wiping away etc. I’m learning as I go along. I am sure that what I am making is going to be a masterpiece.

When I had been home for about 10 minutes, the Exfactor rang the door bell. I thought he was going to come over while I was gone in the morning, but I think he is looking for company and someone to have a cup of coffee and a conversation with. He came to get motor parts. He does that a lot, doesn’t he? Anyway, we had coffee and a conversation and then he was on his way again after he left me with a whole roll of biscuits that he had left over and wasn’t going to eat. Well, I don’t say no to those.

Then I took the Überhund to the vet, but it was not our regular vet, because he is on vacation. This time it was a female vet and the Überhund didn’t want anything to do with her. Every time she tried to look in his eye, he turned away his face and hid it under my arm. She finally determined that his eye was almost better and that I need to apply the eye drops a little while longer. She was able to take his temperature in an uncomfortable place and he didn’t seem to mind that one bit. Strange dog.

When we got home, I cleaned the apartment the French way, that is with a lick and a promise, but here we always call it the French way, because I had to go for a check up for my gastric band. I took the bus to the hospital and the bus was late , but I made it on time and then tried to check in under my married name, forgetting that I had already changed it in the administration to my maiden name. So, they had no appointment in my name, but soon everything was cleared up and my old file was found which had been lost because of the name change. It was a regular comedy of errors.

Anyway, I have lost 7 kilos and we are going to fill my gastric band one more time on the 5th of September. Usually it takes longer to get an appointment, but they happened to have an opening…

…It is now the next day as I had to stop writing, because I was so darn tired. I laid down on the sofa and promptly fell asleep. I woke up long enough to go to bed properly.

So, when I got home from the hospital, I walked the Überhund and made a shopping list and did the grocery shopping, which you should never do on an empty stomach, but I stuck to the list. It’s amazing though how quickly your shopping basket fills up and how quickly you spend the money. I had one big shopping bag full of groceries and spent 32 Euros. I still have to look at the receipt to see what I spent it all on.

Thanks to the Wise Web Woman I stumbled upon a website called StumbleUpon. It’s really neat. You fill out what sort of things you are interested in and they find the websites for you. You give those a thumbs up or down so they can narrow the search. They save the websites you like for you so that you can go back and look at them better at a later time. I have found some great websites already this way, like this one or this one. This one is also interesting.

Well, you can see what sort of addiction your computer can become when you blog and do Facebook and do StumbleUpon. I was trying to be a member of some other groups as well, but it was all too much and I quit those, fun as some of them were. Try Plurk, for instance, if you dare. It’s not for me. Too involved.

Shoot, I need to go back to bed, I think, not enough sleep yet. Kicking and screaming I will make myself go back to bed. Or drink a liter of coffee.

Anyway, you all have a good one of whatever you are having.


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I tried to import a clock on this website, both an analog and a digital, but wordpress would have none of it and just ignored the code I put in the appropriate widget. Oh well, you win some and you lose some, that’s just the way it goes, I will not be defeated and keep on trying, because now I must, darn it. Stubborn like a terrier.

I woke up one minute before the alarm went off and I cal that perfect timing. It gives me a chance to locate the alarm clock which may be anywhere in the apartment, because I do carry it around with me in order to shut it up in the morning when it keeps repeating itself and leave it wherever it stops. If I don’t shut it off right away, because i can’t find it, it gets feistier and feistier and noisier by the second like a child having a fit. The little bugger. I’m sure it’s made in Japan.

Anyway, once it’s had its numerous fits, we have peace and quiet and I drink my coffee in solitude with the dog by my side and contemplate the serenity of the morning and the peacefulness of it. The Uberhund just wants his various parts scratched and tries to lay in a variety of ways so I will get to all of them, I may or may not cooperate. It depends on my friendliness and willingness to exert myself.

At 7 AM we become vigorous and take our pills and go for a brazing walk where the Uberhund poops and I scoop with a baggy, a fresh warm turd is always a pleasure to pick up, especially if it is a solid one that can be scooped al at once. I deposit it in the doggy poop receptacle and we march on until I think the Uberhund has had enough vigorous walking and it is time to turn homeward. Sometimes, his poor little back legs quiver, but he loves it.

This morning I was at the grocery store at 8 and I was out of there in no time. I filled both bags on the back of the bike and had one bag hanging on the handlebars. Luckily, it is only a five minute ride. The Uberhund and the minion cat wait by the front door full of curiosity as to what I bring home and hope for many good treats. I seldom let them down. I have been a wise woman and bought the Uberhund his favorite dog food again and he is very grateful for it. if he could fold his paws and say a prayer of thanks, he would. The cats have their favorite Felix fish flavor again and all is right with the world and I will never stray again.

The Exfactor came and picked up his mail and we had a cup of coffee together. We exchanged some pleasantries and some necessary information and that was that. That’s all we had to tell each other. That was quick and easy, wasn’t it? We each made sure that the other one was alright and we both assured each other that we were. We see each other again next Tuesday when we have an appointment with the divorce mediator. I hope we get mediated very quickly. As it is, it takes 3 months to get a divorce in the Netherlands, but in the meantime, i can use my own name already.

I sent a very nice email to the service and maintainance department of the housing corporation asking them nicely for a nameplate with my own name on it for on the mailbox. We’ll see how long that takes them. I switched the name with the energy supplier from the Exfactor’s to mine and had to read the meters. Their letters welcoming me came in the mail today. I had to split our funeral policy so I get my fees due sent separately. There is so much to think about!

Oh yes, here is the link to the leather sofa i want:http://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/catalog/products/20119461

Now I’ve got to stop. I have to watch the eight o’clock news. I’ll get there just in time.

Have a good day.


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Eduard has asked me not to write about him anymore unless it is in a businesslike way and he has asked me not to write about Lieve at all and especially not by her name. From now on I will refer to Eduard as Ed and Lieve as Lovey and I have suggested to Ed that he stops reading my blog. It’s a two edged sword, reading the blog of your ex wife. Enough said about that. Gggrrrhhh…

Being up early is the exception that proves the rule. I went to bed on time because I was just worn out, but I just woke up in the middle of the night all wide awake and ready to get up and have a coffee and a cigarette and maybe write a post.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon Ed and I went to my bank were he was taken off my bank account and my name was changed back to my maiden name. I also changed the account to an Internet bank account and automatically had a savings account attached to it, which is kind of neat, because i wanted that anyway. When I left the bank, the woman who had helped me shook my hand and said, “Goodbye Mrs S**ders,” which I truly appreciated, being addressed by my own name.

Even when I am home, I am filling out forms or on the telephone making calls to get things organized, but I think today will be a fairly calm day, because Ed has been so kind as to offer to go all the way to the housing corporation to pick up the rental contract for this apartment for me, which I need next week for my appointment with Social Services. The housing corporation is a long bike ride away from here and I really didn’t feel like making it and asked him to do me the favor. I have however been riding my bike an awful lot and have lost a couple of kilos these past weeks. Of course, I haven’t been eating that much either, what with my gastric band having been tightened and I subsist on a small amount of food.

Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to meet Ed at his work, but they were in a meeting there and I walked over to Café Monopole and had a glass of dry white wine on the terrace all by myself and it was very cozy. I watched the people walk by and watched the people watch me. Then I went over to M&S Fashion and bought a top on sale for 9 Euros. See, I do know how to amuse myself. Oh, that reminds me, I have to do my tiny little bit of shopping at the grocery store today. It’s so funny, the small amount of food I have to buy, even when you include the food for the animals.

I just got completely distracted making a shopping list and then I started to organize the kitchen shelves, but I see I need to do a proper cleaning and I better finish this post first, but it is funny that I can clean up the kitchen at 3:30 in the morning and not bother anyone. It’s amazing the things I can do at any time of the day, but especially during the small hours of the night. Those are the neatest hours.

Well, now I am going to end this post, because there are some glass jars that need a good cleaning and that need to be filled with some interesting things, such as different teas. Oh, such fun!

Have an absolutely smashing day and make sure you get enough sleep. not like me here who has a screwy schedule.


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Cigarettes Case

John Mora has gone and done it and is teaching us how he makes his magical paintings here. Lord have mercy on our souls. How will we ever be able to accomplish the things that John has? The man is nothing more than delusional if he thinks I can even come close to doing anything like that and forget about me even coming close to understanding the instructions. I am just not capable of it! Still, Frances seems to be very enthused and I think you good people should all speed over there and take advantage of John’s good will. I have fear of accomplishment, I hope you all understand that, of course!

I seem to be up to my old shenanigans and am up again at an ungodly hour. It must be the coffee and the cigarettes I need so badly, and going to the bathroom that gets me up so early. I did find Jesker sleeping by my side of the bed and two of the cats at my feet, so I do feel some amount of loyalty from my pets. They don’t dislike me altogether. As if I ever doubted that, right?

As I type this, I am listening to Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burina” and I can recommend it for keeping up a steady typing speed, it is so upbeat and lively and so powerfully sung. I have the MP3 player sat at, “Play all files in the current folder randomly,” so I get a good bit of music all at once. Yesterday evening I got everything from “Tous les Matins du Monde” and it was lovely. I like Baroque music for all the reasons that Eduard dislikes it, which is probably also why he dislikes Jazz.

I got a really good haircut yesterday. I said to the girl who cuts my hair, that I wanted easy hair ans she cut it short, so I don’t have to do a thing with it, but not too short so I look like a boy. It makes me look younger too, which is a nice side effect. I have to go to the hairdresser every month and not every two months, because my hair grows quickly and then I have to start messing around with hairspray to get it to stay in shape. I must remember this as a rule: messing around with hairspray too much, means going to the hairdresser! Remember that, Irene! You all will remind me, won’t you?

I decided to postpone grocery shopping until today, because I simply didn’t fee like it, but then I ended up riding my bike over to the store in the evening to buy some cookies for me and some tortillas for Eduard to make quesadilla’s with, because he had never had those before. It was my pleasure to nuke him his first one in the microwave and after that, he was on his own. You can’t baby those guys! I think it is safe to say that Eduard is hooked on them now. Tortillas are expensive to buy here. I got 6 for 1,48 Euros. That’s too much money.

Anyway, today I have to do the real grocery shopping, but I don’t think there is that much to get actually. Just odds and ends you can’t live without, like grated cheese and fruit juice. I had some leftover goat cheese that belonged to Eduard yesterday and it was just delicious. It’s the harder kind that slices really well and Jekser was sitting next to me, drooling.

The Other Square.

Oh goodness, I almost forgot, I am supposed to do a meme, because I was Maggie May’s first commenter yesterday. I am allowed to answer the following questions with a one word answer only. So here we go:

Where is your mobile phone? Coffeetable.
Your significant other? Bed.
Your hair? Short!
Your mother? Departed.
Your father? Lost.
Your favourite thing? Solitude.
Your dream last night? Confusing.
Your favourite drink? Coffee.
Your dream/goal? Gracefulness!
The room you are in? Livingroom.
Your ex? Delusional.
Your fear? Insanity.
Where you want to be in six years? Happier!
Where were you last night? Bed.
What you’re not? Smart!
Muffins? Declined.
One of your wish items? Happiness.
Where you grew up? Discrimination.
The last thing you did? Cigarette.
What are you wearing? Pajamas.
Your TV? Out.
Your pets?Four.
Your computer? ON!.
Your life? Dramatic!
Your mood? Changeable.
Missing Someone? Daughter.
Your car? None.
Something you’re not wearing? Socks
Favourite store? M&S Fashion.
Your summer? Later.
Like someone? Lots.
Your favourite colour? Black.
When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday.
The last time you cried? Weekend.

I’ll do the same as Maggie May and ask the first five commenters to do this meme, but you are under no obligation to do so, of course.

For God’s sake, after writing those exciting answers, I had to lie down on the sofa and sleep some more and I just woke up again. I am having a mug of Senseo now to help me get going, any minute now I should be there.

Okay, I am here just in time for the close of this post. I am still yawning just a bit, the Senseo isn’t quite doing its job yet and I am so afraid of my jaw locking when I yawn, as you know this happened to me once. A rather unpleasant experience which I don’t wish to repeat.

I am off to the physiotherapist this morning, she of the magical hands.


Have a great Thursday, I am sure you’ll manage just fine with Friday almost being here.


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