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I haven’t done a bloody thing all day, except for walk the Überhund numerous times at odd hours, sleep on the sofa several times, and get my hair cut in a really funky ‘boy do I look good’ style. Sometimes I sat on the sofa in an upright position with a cup of coffee and a cigarette and I would catch myself falling asleep with my head having fallen forward as if I was a rag doll that was falling apart.

Now, this is normal for me in the spring and in the fall, to go through these strange sleeping patterns. Last night I was up in the middle of the night, sitting behind the computer, doing things, and then I woke up with a sore head where it had been laying on the ridge of the keyboard. I do spooky things in the middle of the night again, but luckily, I had the good sense to go to bed and go back to sleep like a normal person and sleep until 7 AM. Still, that did not prevent me from feeling that I had to sleep some more during the day. I am like a cat, aren’t I?

I had a most wonderful time at the hairdresser, but I had already told you that I enjoy going there to watch the women get their hair done. I am always truly amazed at what a good hairdo will do for a woman, no matter how bad looking she is, but that may be the unflattering light around the mirrors that makes me say that. It does reflect you back in all your most basic glory. You need to squint when you look at yourself, or be extremely forgiving. Especially when you sit there with wet hair and a towel around your neck, you have a tendency not to look your best and you have to put on a brave smile and not be embarrassed in front of the rest of the customers. Even your well applied make up doesn’t look that good anymore.

Wel, you know, you grow up and you learn these things and you deal with them and you hope that when you are done you will have a brilliant haircut and that you will not have to sneak home to redo your hair quickly in the bathroom before anyone can see you and laugh at you. I happen to have a very good hairdresser who cuts my hair just the way I want it and we see eye to eye on what looks good. She never fails me. She is a treasure, but no matter what, newly cut hair is just that and you always want to fiddle with it to get it just right. I brushed mine two hours after I got home and then fixed it as close to how I wanted it as I could get it, but it won’t be perfect until tomorrow when I have slept on it one night. I don’t know why that is, it just is.

I talked to the Exfactor on the phone and told him that what I miss about not being married is the ability to tell each other the every day stories about the every day occurences involving the Überhund and the Minion cats. So very often I want to tell him something and then I don’t know if I should call him and share that particular story with him or not. It’s a little bit like having lost a very good friend. I suppose that we will work out some sort of working solution to this that will be non threatening and non invasive to the both of us. I don’t think either one of us has found another person to replace us with in that manner.

When I ask the Überhund if he wants to eat and I get out the bag of dog food, he walks away indignantly if he does not want to eat, so that message is very clear. There is no mistaking that. He stays away until he is sure that I’ve put the dog food away again. Since he is overweight, it is okay if he doesn’t want to eat twice a day, like he did yesterday. He had some little snacks today and a bowl of food and I guess that was enough.

I totally don’t recognize my sister in her new car. This afternoon she practically ran over me and honked her horn before I realized it was she. She is always coming and going and doesn’t have a peaceful bone in her body, she is so the opposite of me. She is very restless and always has to be doing things and have a full calender. I am more of the slow and contemplative kind. She is more of the fast and impulsive kind. She was 10 years old when I left home, so I have no idea why she turned out the way she did. I missed all that part of her growing up and didn’t come back to the Netherlands until she was 32 years old. I did see her in those years, of course, but I really got to know her once I was back here again. In some ways we are neurotically alike, in other ways we are very different. Of course, I am older and that makes a difference too.

I have official confirmation now that I am getting rent and healthcare subsidies. It came in the mail today and I am so relieved about that, because paying the full rent and the full health insurance fees has been expensive with the kind of money I have coming in. I will celebrate with a glass of wine once the money is in my bank account.

I have decided this afternoon to exchange the black cardigan for a smaller size. The one I had ordered was a little bit too big, I thought, I was not quite happy with it and arranged to have it picked up and have the other one delivered tomorrow. i think that is also the day that my ankle boots will be delivered so it will be a fun day all around. Oh, I do so love new items of clothing. I am a real woman, if there was any doubt about that. I may have been a tomboy when I was a kid, but somewhere in my thirties, my female genes kicked into action something fierce. I love and adore clothes, although I don’t spend a fortune on them, I am a frugal shopper. I like feminine things. I like necklaces and lacy bras and perfumes and pretty tunics and dresses. I love colors, besides basic black. Every once in a while I buy something that just doesn’t work out, but mostly I do a fair job. My mother would have been proud of me.

Well, now I am going to take this newly done haircut and the rest of me to the bedroom to get my pajamas on and then I am going to veg out in front of the silly box for some mindless TV watching. Soon enough, I’ll fall asleep and have to drag myself to my cozy bed. The Überhund has already gone there to lie on his pillow.

How wonderful that tomorrow the weekend starts. How sad that I will have to vacuum the whole apartment.



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I spent a large part of the morning sleeping on the sofa with my clothes on, because I had every intention to be fully functional, but after every little job I did I was overcome by tiredness and I just had to go lie down and the minute I did, I was sound asleep and didn’t wake up until an hour later when I would do another little job and repeat the performance. Just now I was sitting behind the computer doing a repetitive job and I was nodding off again, until the Überhund came to warn me that it was time to go for a walk and that cleared the cob webs out of my head, leaving me dying for a cup of coffee and a cigarette and that’s what I am having now.

I wonder how much your desire to sleep, and not being abe to fullfill that desire, influences your mood? I bet it does a lot. I feel chemically imbalanced when I have a shortage of sleep, I literally feel that I am not functioning properly, as if i am a technical appliance that has lose wiring. That is even when I think I have slept enough, but for some reason my body wants more sleep than I am supplying it with.

I think it is the time of year. The changing of the weather and the light and the fluctuation of the season. The leaves are starting to change colors on some of the trees. It is a season of hesitation.

I had to interrupt this briefly, because the Überhund let me know he had to go out again and he was right, he did have to go out again, he had a big message to do, as we say here. Clever dog. I take him out whenever he becomes very insistent, because I know he means serious business then and the patio won’t do. I don’t mind, it is a nice little extra walk around the block for me and the Überhund knows he can rely on me to listen to him.

Oh lord, I am yawning something awful and I do have to last the rest of the evening. It’s not supposed to be bedtime yet. I am going to make it a point to stay up for the 8 o’clock news at least, I should be able to last that long. Maybe some food will wake me up. I try to think of very exciting things to eat, but at this stage of the ballgame there is not much exciting left. I did buy two cartons of very good juice and I have been enjoying drinking that cold from the refrigerator and it is ever so thirst quenching.

I try to make my eating life as interesting as I can, but sometimes it’s a puzzlement. I’m not supposed to eat foods high in calories, so i really shouldn’t eat those puddings I like so much and that go down so easy. Yogurt and curd are good, but I try not to buy them too often, because of the temptation factor of eating too much of them. Ice cold milk from the fridge is very good. I love to drink that. I haven’t had a piece of cheese in ages. I hardly know what an apple tastes like or a pear.

I just gave the Überhund his second bowl of food for the day and he ate it all. This is unheard of. He used to barely finish what I gave him before and only very reluctantly. Just now he barked for a while to make sure some cats showed up that would show some interest in his food. Then he chased them away by growling very hard at them and then he ate his food. He is nothing if not a clever dog.

I am wearing my size 44 tunic. This is the first sized 44 top that I have bought, I have bought sized 44 jeans, but this is the first top in this size that i have bought. This makes me very hopeful. Size 46 is now just a bit to big on me. The black cardigan came today and it is a size 46 and it is a little big, but that will be good for this winter when I will be layering it. I have to get used to seeing my contours and realize that’s not a bad thing. I see women that are really fat wearing tight fitting clothes that are very unflattering and I don’t want to look like that. I think you should always wear the clothes that most flatter your figure. And decorate, I’m a great believer in decorating.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut a little bit, nothing drastic, just to get it back in it’s most flattering shape again. It’s been 6 weeks since I last had it cut, so it is time. I have been wearing it wild and unruly, as if I have been in a bit of a storm and everybody likes it. Of course, it is carefully styled that way with the help of a good hairspray. I suppose it looks like bedroom hair, but you would not want to run your fingers through it, but then nobody is allowed to. I could poke somebody’s eye out.

The vet is either always flabbergasted or he is flabbergasted by me. He falls al over his own words when he speaks to me, but I have been unable to observe him with other people. We are theeing and thouing eachother, we are not on familiar terms. He doesn’t know my name, as the Überhund is signed up under the Exfactor’s name, who pays for the bills. An intriguing bit of pandemonium. He is not even very handsome, but I enjoy the game.

Okay, that’s the end of this ramble. I am going to make myself something to eat and get ready to watch the news.


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It’s in the very early hours of the night and I don’t know why I am awake already and the challenge is to see how long it’s going to take me before I start falling asleep. I have the feeing that it will not take that long.

The super alert of you will notice that I have changed my profile picture with one that was taken yesterday showing me with my new haircut and cleavage no less. My daughter pointed this out. I think it makes for a nice summery picture for the nice summery weather we have had for the past few days….

….Yes, I did it again, I slept some more on the sofa as I nodded off in the chair here. We’ll see how long I last this time.

Yesterday I slept a lot. After Eduard had gotten up, I went back to bed and woke up just in time to call my physiotherapist to change my appointment to the afternoon and then I went and slept some more. I slept almost until it was time for Eduard to come home and I was still in my bathrobe when he did. I finally got dressed to go to the therapist and I must say that it took some effort on my part, because I really just wanted to hang out in my bathrobe and not do anything at all, that is how tired I felt, but once I was dressed, off I went on my merry way to the therapist, who is an easy ten minute walk from our house.

I got my usual 30 minute lower back massage and felt wonderful when I left there and didn’t want to undo any of the benefits by doing housework, but I knew I had to do at least some dishes and some laundry. Eduard was kind enough to go to the grocery store for me, because I still had not gotten around to doing that, so thank goodness for that.

Café de Vrede

So I guess what I am really saying is, that I piddled away yesterday and didn’t accomplish a hell of a lot, but I don’t feel bad about it at all, because I do have the bad back and I do love all the sleep I am getting and it feels very nice to be so drowsy and languid.

On top of everything else, Eduard has a golfer’s elbow and the poor guy doesn’t even play golf! Some years back, he had a tennis elbow without having played tennis. So he gets the injuries without having the expenses of the sports. If only he could have the joys of them too. He has to rest his arm and only time and that will take care of it. He is not to do anything out of the ordinary with it like he has been doing, like hauling heavy films around with him around the film house.

So, we are both mildly incapacitated now and it is not good for the household, as certain things do not get done well. I am not supposed to do anything that hurts my back, and those are many, and Eduard can not do anything that hurts his elbow. We have asked Jesker to pitch in and help, since he gets free room and board, but he acts like he doesn’t understand the question and, besides, he is all thumbs, and you know what, it just doesn’t matter if things don’t look 100% right. I am just not going to get neurotic about it, that’s just the way it is, as long as we are happy, that’s what counts.

Any day that’s not Saturday, I am happy, so that is fine then. Saturday is my day to be neurotic and lose it completely, not that I want that or enjoy it, but it happens much to my regret. It’s a real shame and a sorry state of affairs that I would like to change, but I don’t know how.


Street Scene

Just like you have Facebook, in the Netherlands we have something called Hyves and it is a way to keep in touch we family and friends, although I don’t think it is as sophisticated as Facebook. I am mildly active on it and go there every once in a while to send messages to friends and family and I actually don’t know that many people on there, simply because I don’t know that many Dutch people and my family is small.

Laurie was talking about joining Facebook and now I have been thinking about doing it myself, but I feel some trepidation as I think my life may get way to complicated and I will spend even more time behind the computer, when I think I am already running short of time now. So, I am undecided, but curious, and I think I will go have a look there later today and see what it is all about. I almost feel a compulsion to join, because everyone else is, but I don’t want to play Scrabble on line, I know that much. I am not one for playing games, quite literally.

Today is Fabulous Friday again, which is the best day of the week, I think. Fabulous Friday makes me think of freedom and sunshine and fun, especially in this fine May month with these fine temperatures.

Barge on the Meusse

I don’t know what today is going to look like yet. It will be an easy going day and I will do a little bit of house cleaning. Go for some short walks with Jesker, because my back hurts if I walk too long. Listen to my new classical MP3 player, which for some reason is stuck on Carmina Burana, and maybe sleep a little bit more.

I have made two lists of music to pick up from the library. One of them is strictly Bach, partitas, sonatas, suites, cantatas and the Magnificat. The other one is all modern music, with Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen and Massive Attack, etc. So, I have to fill two more MP3 players. How awfully exciting! The library lets you borrow 8 CD’s at the time, so I should have this done rather quickly. And to those of you who asked, yes I will get an iPod one of these days, when I can afford a really good one which works like a charm and does everything I want it to do, because I do see the advantages of it. Then I want to get one with loads of memory and store everything that is in the Real Player when I am done uploading all the music there. So, it would have to have almost 10 Gigabytes of memory.

Well, have yourself a terrific day. Hope your springtime is as lovely as ours is right now. It won’t last so we have to make the best of it while it does.


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Cigarettes Case

John Mora has gone and done it and is teaching us how he makes his magical paintings here. Lord have mercy on our souls. How will we ever be able to accomplish the things that John has? The man is nothing more than delusional if he thinks I can even come close to doing anything like that and forget about me even coming close to understanding the instructions. I am just not capable of it! Still, Frances seems to be very enthused and I think you good people should all speed over there and take advantage of John’s good will. I have fear of accomplishment, I hope you all understand that, of course!

I seem to be up to my old shenanigans and am up again at an ungodly hour. It must be the coffee and the cigarettes I need so badly, and going to the bathroom that gets me up so early. I did find Jesker sleeping by my side of the bed and two of the cats at my feet, so I do feel some amount of loyalty from my pets. They don’t dislike me altogether. As if I ever doubted that, right?

As I type this, I am listening to Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burina” and I can recommend it for keeping up a steady typing speed, it is so upbeat and lively and so powerfully sung. I have the MP3 player sat at, “Play all files in the current folder randomly,” so I get a good bit of music all at once. Yesterday evening I got everything from “Tous les Matins du Monde” and it was lovely. I like Baroque music for all the reasons that Eduard dislikes it, which is probably also why he dislikes Jazz.

I got a really good haircut yesterday. I said to the girl who cuts my hair, that I wanted easy hair ans she cut it short, so I don’t have to do a thing with it, but not too short so I look like a boy. It makes me look younger too, which is a nice side effect. I have to go to the hairdresser every month and not every two months, because my hair grows quickly and then I have to start messing around with hairspray to get it to stay in shape. I must remember this as a rule: messing around with hairspray too much, means going to the hairdresser! Remember that, Irene! You all will remind me, won’t you?

I decided to postpone grocery shopping until today, because I simply didn’t fee like it, but then I ended up riding my bike over to the store in the evening to buy some cookies for me and some tortillas for Eduard to make quesadilla’s with, because he had never had those before. It was my pleasure to nuke him his first one in the microwave and after that, he was on his own. You can’t baby those guys! I think it is safe to say that Eduard is hooked on them now. Tortillas are expensive to buy here. I got 6 for 1,48 Euros. That’s too much money.

Anyway, today I have to do the real grocery shopping, but I don’t think there is that much to get actually. Just odds and ends you can’t live without, like grated cheese and fruit juice. I had some leftover goat cheese that belonged to Eduard yesterday and it was just delicious. It’s the harder kind that slices really well and Jekser was sitting next to me, drooling.

The Other Square.

Oh goodness, I almost forgot, I am supposed to do a meme, because I was Maggie May’s first commenter yesterday. I am allowed to answer the following questions with a one word answer only. So here we go:

Where is your mobile phone? Coffeetable.
Your significant other? Bed.
Your hair? Short!
Your mother? Departed.
Your father? Lost.
Your favourite thing? Solitude.
Your dream last night? Confusing.
Your favourite drink? Coffee.
Your dream/goal? Gracefulness!
The room you are in? Livingroom.
Your ex? Delusional.
Your fear? Insanity.
Where you want to be in six years? Happier!
Where were you last night? Bed.
What you’re not? Smart!
Muffins? Declined.
One of your wish items? Happiness.
Where you grew up? Discrimination.
The last thing you did? Cigarette.
What are you wearing? Pajamas.
Your TV? Out.
Your pets?Four.
Your computer? ON!.
Your life? Dramatic!
Your mood? Changeable.
Missing Someone? Daughter.
Your car? None.
Something you’re not wearing? Socks
Favourite store? M&S Fashion.
Your summer? Later.
Like someone? Lots.
Your favourite colour? Black.
When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday.
The last time you cried? Weekend.

I’ll do the same as Maggie May and ask the first five commenters to do this meme, but you are under no obligation to do so, of course.

For God’s sake, after writing those exciting answers, I had to lie down on the sofa and sleep some more and I just woke up again. I am having a mug of Senseo now to help me get going, any minute now I should be there.

Okay, I am here just in time for the close of this post. I am still yawning just a bit, the Senseo isn’t quite doing its job yet and I am so afraid of my jaw locking when I yawn, as you know this happened to me once. A rather unpleasant experience which I don’t wish to repeat.

I am off to the physiotherapist this morning, she of the magical hands.


Have a great Thursday, I am sure you’ll manage just fine with Friday almost being here.


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