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I am full of exhaustion and I don’t want to be, I am going to fight it all the way to the sofa if I have to and not give into it one teeny little inch. It isn’t as though I had an especially tiring day, although I did do a variety of things and maybe they left their impressions on my easily impressed mind. I mean, I am not used to much, so doing anything out of the ordinary is bound to thrill me to pieces and wear me out at the same time from the processing of the details.

I started out the day really slow, because I went back to bed after I had been up for awhile, but I decided that my head was still in slumber attitude and that I was not ready to tackle the day and all it’s details that it would bring. So I laid me down to sleep, with Jesker beside me, and didn’t wake up until the phone rang and it was my sister to remind me of our appointment to go to Ikea, as if i would forget that outing!

I very slowly got dressed and walked the dog and then went grocery shopping and to the tobacco store, where they see me as one of their favorite customers, at least, that’s the kind of welcoming smile I get. They almost know what I come to get, and one day soon I won’t have to ask for it. They’ll just reach for the items on the shelf the minute they see my bright and happy face.

Back home, Jesker and I shared a pudding with berry sauce and then my sister came to get me in her new Peugeot, which is a sporty little 4 door car with a hatchback. She had the radio on and I felt like Thelma and Louise when we drove down the freeway. Luckily, we don’t need to make our escape, as it is our men that we send on their way.

Ikea had just had another grand opening and there were people in yellow jackets directing the parking traffic ineffectively, but we found a good spot anyway. The thing is to ignore the pointing fingers and to go by your instincts, which will direct you to the empty parking space. It will also get you a dirty look, but this particular yellow coated traffic director had a big earring in and we figured he wasn’t really anyone important at all, even though he had a decent haircut.

We were good shoppers and followed all the arrows and didn’t take any short cuts through the store, even though we new exactly what we wanted. We also wanted to look at all the things we weren’t buying and in the meantime we were talking and chatting like two chickens in a hen house, like we have a tendency to do. We must go back soon and really linger and spend an afternoon there, when we both have extra money to spend on gadgets and stuff. Things you don’t really need, but can’t live without that will improve your life so tremendously. That’s what Ikea is for, and oh, I walked by the sofa I want and it hurt me to leave without it.

We soon enough got the items we wanted and headed for the cash registers and after some indecision ended up in the right line. The fast one, where my sister found out that she had bought the expensive duvet, but she didn’t feel like going to customer service and undoing the whole sale and going back into the store to find the right one, as it has taken us some searching to find the one that we thought was the right one, you know, with all those names on the products.

We shoved the bought items in the car, my carpet was a little long, and then went to the garden center next door, which has the same sort of planned route through its shelved products as Ikea has. Lots of temptations to buy things. “Oh yes, I’ll have 3 of those and 5 of these. And that plant is really pretty too.” Friendly customer service all over the place, attractive prices, overabundance of goods, you think you are in Fantasy land. It’s best to be strong of mind and keep a steady hand on your wallet and be determined to only buy what you had come for.

When I came home, I unrolled the carpet and found out it was bigger than I had imagined, so that was good. Jesker laid down on it right away and Gandhi sharpened her claws on it, which made Jesker angry. I told him, “Good dog.”

Then I had to walk him and go to the pharmacy to pick up a large supply of medication that I had ordered two days earlier, but when I got there, I found out they never received the fax with the prescription, so I had to make a phone call and at the other end of the line a frantic search took place to find the missing prescription, which showed up in the fax machine 20 minutes later. I love mayhem, especially when it is about my precious pills.

On the way home, I stopped by the flower and plant shop and bought two plants of heather in pots and I have those sitting here instead of the ‘child in mother’s lap’ plants that weren’t doing so well. They cost me 2.50 Euros for 2. It’s a steal. Jesker thought I was bringing home food and was mighty disappointed.

I was just out back, and besides a lot of weeds, I have the jasmine and the golden rain and the 3 trees and now another unidentified bush has grown up amongst the jasmine. I have to try and find out what it is, but it is staying. Anything that wishes to grow here, stays. I’ll have to pull out the weeds this weekend, although that is not my favorite job, especially not now that my left knee is bothering me so much. It really hurts to bend it, especially when the weight is on it. I am wearing out, I guess.

I hope you all like my header. I went through some trouble to find something to represent what I thought was Another Bright Day and I thought this little child was perfect. There is innocence and happiness. It is a challenge to find the right photograph to express a meaning. I liked the gray slate too, until Maggie said it looked like elephant’s skin and I don’t want that. Besides, it didn’t express much emotion.

Now I am going to rest my weary bones on the sofa, after I have looked up a TV guide on line. I must remember to do that. I hope there is a good British thriller on tonight. Those are the best.

Have a good evening, get yourself ready for a lovely weekend.



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It’s very warm and muggy outside and I just vacuumed my little heart out until the sweat trickled down my back and I said, “Okay, that is enough of that! No animals deposit any more hair on the furniture until the day after tomorrow.” Ha, wishful thinking. I even turned the sofa cushions and vacuumed the reverse sides, how’s that for good housekeeping? What made me do it? I don’t know. I was hoping to find a 50 Euro bill someone might have dropped there. No such luck, of course.

I wore my skimpiest dress, which is also my favorite dress, as it is very light weight and is has the least little bit of sleeves, well you can hardly call them that, They’re more like little shoulder covers and they show my lacy black bra straps. Woo hoo.

I need to take a nap….

Well, I wanted to take a nap, but then the phone rang and it was my friend Lucien who’s mother recently died, so we spent some time talking about that and when I got off the phone I made a shopping list and went to the grocery store, where I bought some of that very good pudding I like so much and so does the Überhund.

Then I called the Exfactor to see how he is doing and then I turned on the TV to see how the Netherlands did in the horse dressure and found out that we won a gold medal, which is very gratifying and the horse and rider did beautifully to a piece of music composed especially for them by Wibi Soerjadi, a classic piano player.

Then I took a nap and the Überhund had to wake me up, because he had to go out very badly, so I took my keys and let him run outside, which he loves and sometimes I just let him do that, I don’t put him on the leash and we circle the block and stay on all the grassy areas and he thinks it is great. I just have to be careful that he doesn’t cross a street, which in his exuberance he will do.

He’s been really good about me putting his eye drops in, because he gets a reward afterwards, so not a grumble out of him. Today some junk came out of his eye and I’ll take that as a good sign. I wiped it right out and it was clear and whitish.

The Exfactor is going to the University Hospital here in town for his follow up on his broken wrist, which I think is good, because it is a very large and modern hospital with all the latest resources. They will put a new cast on his arm, because the one he has on now is quite uncomfortable. Somehow he manages on his own and can even walk to the store with his badly banged up knee to get his groceries. I am glad about that, because I would hate for him to be in a position where he needed to be taken care of. My sister offered to help him, but I think he turned her down, as he is stubborn and wants to do things on his own. He is even talking about going into work as soon as his knee gets a little better and he can move the fingers of the arm that is in the cast better.

Tomorrow morning I have ergo therapy and I am already hot and bothered about it, no, that’s from the weather, but I know she is going to discuss our lesser personality traits and I already know that I am not willing to give any of them up. To me, giving them up would mean being the opposite of them and that is how I used to be and I don’t want to be like that anymore. The only one I would find worth considering changing is the one that says I am remote or stand offish. I am friendly, but not easily approachable, but through pain and shame you get very wise and that is what 14 years of being a psychiatric patient has done for me. It has put up an invisible, but impenetrable barrier between me and my fellow human beings.

So, I will make a concession on that one, but not on the other ones. I will stay cynical and foolhardy and strict and detail oriented. I’ve worked hard to become those things and I am not going to let go of them and become less of them than what I am. I especially like being cynical, as I see people around me who are not and who are foolish and get themselves into all sorts of awkward situations.

My sister is so naive, that for 12 years she thought that dandelions were called dandy liners, because someone in America had told her that. That’s what I mean. She told me that’s what they were called a few months ago and I had to set her straight with some effort. This is just a minor example, of course. She also thinks that young bachelor men don’t go to the all naked sauna to look at naked women, they go there out of their high moral principles. Do you have a Brooklyn Bridge you want to sell or some property in Florida?

I don’t think you can get through life without being cynical. I think it is a great asset and I think back in humiliation to the time when I wasn’t and I took everything at face value.

Well, anyway…

Two cats are transfixed in front of the window by events that are not taking place in the street. They just act like there is something to look at and pretend it is of great interest to them. It could be a falling leaf. I always hate to close the curtains in the evening, because I feel that I am robbing the cats of their amusement factor and I always wonder why the Überhund never looks out the window, when all he has to do is get on his two hind feet. He absolutely shows no interest, except when people stop to look at the cats sitting there. Then he starts barking madly and scares everybody away, including the cats.

It’s time to call a halt to these proceedings. I am going to mindlessly watch some TV and eat toast. In my pajamas.

Have a great whatever you are having. Morning, afternoon or evening.


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Worn down.

I am worn down to the bone as if I have been on a great expedition with backpack on my back, but I did no such thing. Although I must say that such an adventure does appeal to me somewhat if it were well organized and I got to wear the proper hiking boots. These little ballet slippers I am wearing now don’t give me much support when I do a lot of walking.

I first went to the grocery store, being solvent again, and replenished the food supply in the house. I had two bike bags full on the back and a big bag full of food on my handlebars, making navigation rather tricky and I took the curves kind of wide. I reached home safely however and the Überhund was beside himself with joy at all the good things he thought I had bought.

Well, I don’t quite disappoint him and I usually do have a special treat for him, because he is so darn cute when he gets it. He walks around for half an hour trying to decide what to do with it and where to eat it and it is quite funny to see him so confused and frustrated. He finally settles down some place and has a good chew, after he sees where I have decided to drink my coffee. He wants to be kind of close to me with his bounty.

Then I took the bus into town and because it was market day, about one hundred people got on at the trainstation and we all got squashed for space and we all tried to be jolly about it. Of course, when the bus stopped at the market, everybody got off at once and added itself to the throng of people that were already there. I decided to give the market a wide berth, because I saw how busy it was and if there is one thing I dislike, it is an unorganized crowd that is looking for a bargain, but doesn’t know where to find it.

I stuck to the alleyways and pathways where the stores were that I wanted to visit and the first one I went to was the store where I bought sewing machine thread.

Oh, I didn’t tell you this. My older sister sent me a sewing machine this week, wasn’t that sweet of her? She knew I needed one very badly and one morning the bell rang and there was a deliveryman with the sewing machine. I have lots of clothes that I have to make smaller, so I had to buy some thread, so I bought black and white and apple green and sunlight yellow. This weekend, I will sew.

Then I went to the Hema and bought mascara and wet towelettes and dish towels. I almost bought a new duvet cover on sale, but the pillow case that came with it was the wrong size. Then I wanted to buy a new shower curtain, but I couldn’t figure out where they were and I gave up and went to the cash register.

It was busy everywhere I went. In the stores and in the streets. Many dialects and languages were being spoken. I was looking for the store where I might be able to buy a new two pad holder for the Senseo machine, but I can never remember in which side street it is and there were so many people that I gave up and went to my favorite clothing store instead. They had all their summer wear on sale and you could tell it had not been a good summer, because all of the summer dresses were way marked down. i wasn’t about to buy one of those.

I bought a black knitted top with three quarter sleeves and a scooped neck and, of course….a necklace to go with it.

I was going to buy some frames for my movie posters, but when I got out of the clothing store and faced the crowd, I just lacked the energy and the courage and made my way back to the bus stop where a hundred people were waiting. I thought, my god, I hope they all don’t need to get on the same bus. Luckily they didn’t and when my bus came, the crowd had thinned out quite a bit.

I was so worn out when I got home. I dropped the shopping and my hand bag and made myself a cup of coffee and took off my shoes. It felt so good to sit down and take the weight off. Some days are like that, when downtown is just too crowded and you feel like you are swimming in a very busy school of sardines. I should have gone to a café terrace and ordered a glass of wine, but I wasn’t quick on my feet enough to think of it.

Well, I’m happy with my knitted top and my necklace and I turned on the computer and found an on line store where I could order the two pad holder for the Senseo machine. I really prefer shopping on line and I must remember that this is my preferred way of shopping and not go walking around downtown so much when it is busy, but stay behind the computer and make my choices there.

Now, I will go and wash the two living room windows and the kitchen window, if it is the last thing I do.

Have a great day,


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For those of you who were looking forward to read all about my adventurous journey to Amsterdam, I have to disappoint you, because I didn’t go.

I woke up at 4 AM and dreaded the thought that I had to go all the way there and just could not find the motivation to and was hoping there was a way to get out of it. I called my daughter in Texas and asked her if there was any other way to get my request for the marriage certificate notarized. She said, yes, if I could find a competent and recognized notary in Maastricht, then that would do also.

Of course, I reached for the yellow pages immediately and started my search and soon found one that I thought would do and when it was a decent enough hour I called and made an appointment, which I was able to get this afternoon. Notaries are university educated people who do estate planning and last wills and testaments and make up contracts. They usually have their offices in the most beautiful old buildings in town. This one did too.

Anyway, my request was notarized and it will have to be good enough. They even notarized a copy of my passport. If this is not good enough, I will travel to Sonoma County and pick the darn thing up myself.

The rest of the day was spent walking around in the heat with the Uberhund and riding my bike to the store to make copies of important papers for Social Services and to do groceries, again. I drink a liter of milk a day, so I constantly have to replenish the supply and then there is always cat and dog food to get and fresh bread.

It’s very warm outside. Tomorrow it is going to be equally warm with rain and thunder storms. That should be quite a spectacle. I am already planning on wearing the least amount of clothes, because I was overdressed today. Trying to make a good impression on the notary.

I have lost 8 kilos since I have told the Exfactor that I wanted a divorce. Don’t worry, I am not starving myself. I eat when I am hungry, but my little stomach gets full very quickly. Today, for lunch, I had pudding with berry sauce and it went down well. Those kinds of foods always go down easy. Sometimes I let myself have a treat.

I have stopped taking the Temazepam during the day and have found no averse effects from it.  I am as calm as I was before. I take one 10 mg pill at night before I go to sleep and I sleep better. It is so nice to go to bed and feel myself getting drowsy and hear my book plunk down on the floor beside the bed.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Positively boring, isn’t it? I tell you, there is no drama in my life anymore. I am turning into just your everyday boring old blogger. Pretty soon I’ll have to start making up events to keep your attention.


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I hope I have the wherewithal and the  energy to finish this post, because I feel like I’ve had a long day, when in reality not all that very much has happened in it, it just seems that way.

I got up early, but kept toppling over behind the computer and finally gave in and went to sleep some more on the sofa with a confused Uberhund by my side, who wanted to be petted, but I was too tired to raise my arm.

When the alarm clock went off at 6 AM, I was ready to get up and made myself a strong coffee and a piece of toast and was then more then ready to take the Uberhund for a very vigorous walk around the neighborhood. The fresh morning air works like a potent waker up and I always feel invigorated when we get back to the apartment where the Uberhund immediately goes back to sleep. I got dressed and made up and made a supply of cigarettes and contemplated my navel before I set off for my ergo therapy.

I am really starting to enjoy going there now, as I am becoming more familiar and comfortable with the other people in the class and less intimidated with the projects that we have to work on each day, as I have decided to tackle everything with humor and sarcasm, which is one way to overcome my resistance and inhibitions to the difficulties of the subjects. Somehow, this is accepted from me and almost expected now, although not everyone is always comfortable with it, as I can be rather confronting. Sometimes I am larger than life.

Today I was up to my usual shenanigans and was able to have some people join into the fun and set the tune to the subject and got it going into the direction I wanted it going in, which gave me my hilarity while learning something about myself at the same time, namely that a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. What is to become of me?

When I was done making a pest of myself there, I went home and walked the Uberhund and went to the grocery store where I bought some of that delicious bread to make toast with. I hauled a big shopping bag of groceries home and I am getting quite adept at that while still managing to ride my bike in a straight line and taking the corners quite nicely.

Then I took a lunch break and after that my sister came and picked me up, because we were going to have tea at the Exfactor’s house. He had invited us to come and see where he lived.

I have mixed feelings about the visit. It was interesting to see where he lives, in a big chilly house that is partially furnished and has a big beautiful garden, but seems like a kind of lonely place to be.

The Exfactor was his usual talkative self with all of his opinions on anything and everything and that sort of wore me out, because it reminded me of being married to him and it made me feel half defeated and tired. He talks a lot and likes to be the center of attention and have an opinion on everything and be right about it. I felt all of my energy drain out of me and tried to tune out as much as possible or change the subject to something completely different.

On the way home, my sister said, “There is a man walking around with his soul under his arm. I think he is very unhappy.” I thought about that for a while and tried not to let the thought bother me, because I am happy and I don’t want the thought of the Exfactor being unhappy destroy my happiness.

So, when I got home, I called him and asked him point blanc if he was unhappy in that big empty house by himself and out of that ensued a conversation that we should have had some time earlier about the end of our marriage and how our lives were going now and how we were changing and how much we still worried about the other person and it actually turned into a good conversation and at the end of it I felt better about him being on his own and being able to take care of the details of his life.

There is not a hair on my head that thinks about sacrificing my happiness in order for him to gain his. I fiercely protect what I have now and will not give it up for anything. I would run away from home before I would sacrifice anything. I love my life and want to keep it just the way it is.

So, I am very relieved that the Exfactor doesn’t need an rescue effort, because I wasn’t the one who was going to do it. I would have recommended therapy and a social worker. Some intervention team.

It seems that he sees the Paramount almost every weekend, so I am unclear on that situation and I don’t want to pry. I don’t know if that meets his expectations or if he is not content with that.

Anyway, I did get just a bit emotional about that, but then again, I did manage to pull myself back together again quickly. I do know how to watch out for myself and how to not let myself get pulled in to a long drama that has not much to do with me in the end, callous as that sounds. I am involved, but only up to a point. I hate to get over emotional about these things.

It is so nice to walk into the apartment and be surrounded by the animals and my things. I really feel comfortable here and it is a safe place for me to be. I feel very much at ease here. I cherish the time I spend here on my own.

Well, now it is time to walk the Uberhund again for the last time today. It is his biggest joy, to be walked. I enjoy it too.


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The Uberhund and I just came back from our midday walk and the only interesting person we met was a very anorexic looking woman who looked like she would be carried away by the least bit of wind. She didn’t look so good and I suspect drugs are involved too and I thank my lucky stars for the state of affairs of my life when I see how much worse it can be. At east I am a hefty looking woman on legal medication with a roof over my head.

Speaking of which, the dress I am wearing today is definitely getting to big on me and I suspect that I won’t be wearing it too many more times, unless I wear it a lot in the very near future.  It’s gaping in the back and I can pull it at the waste and stick in a skinny person.  I could be pregnant in it easily, but that miracle isn’t going to take place, so I will have to kiss this sweetheart of a dress goodbye soon. That breaks my heart just a little bit, because I like it a lot.

I have a belt with many holes in it and I just keep moving up holes and hitching it tighter, which is a very pleasurable thing to do.  I love all my clothes and many of them I will keep wearing for a while yet. I planned them that way, so that even if I lose the next 5 kilos, my clothes will still look good. I would hate to have to spend my precious money on a new wardrobe and have to give away the clothes i have, because I am so attached to them.

I like nothing better than standing in front of the closet in the morning and deciding what I am going to wear and having ample choice. Oh, I then I forget the clothes that are in the ironing basket.  I must get them done and increase the possibilities.  Isn’t it wonderful? The cats always take the opportunity to climb into the closet and can only be pulled out with much effort while they cling to the neatly folded t-shirts and sweaters. They try to hide in the very top and have been known to spend the whole day locked up in there. Not a peep out of them.

Now that I have my necklaces hanging up so neatly on the children’s coat rack, choosing one of them to go with the right outfit has become much easier too, although I have to admit that I have my favorites and I clearly see which way my style in them goes, so I must look for more like them. The only problem is, that that is one item that they never have on sale in my favorite clothes store. They figure those items sell themselves always, and they do, like hotcakes.

You see how I spend no money on books, but I do spend money on clothes. I am a vain person and I like buying clothes better than anything. I don’t dawdle when I am in a store and try on a dozen things. I go straight for the target, find the right size and pay for it. That’s how full of confidence I am. That’s why I like to shop only at one or two stores. Then I know all about their sizes and if they fit and if the quality is good and if they have a good return policy, because sometimes I err in judgment. Just sometimes I do.

If I weren’t so poor right now, I would go out and buy a new necklace, I am craving one very badly, I can envision it in my mind and how it will be to wear it. I feel naked without one, as if I have forgotten a crucial piece of clothing if I go out without one. My younger sister is the same way and I just found out my eldest sister is too. We have a necklace fetish.

I have a adorable sun dress that I ordered on line before i knew i was getting divorced. It is the right size, but it is very clingy and show my curves a little too well. I need to lose some weight to do it justice and I have it hanging in my closet for next year when I will have a svelte figure. I think Marilyn Monroe had one of those. As sun dresses go, it is rather sexy, and I will feel very special in it, so I have a lot to look forward to.

I now have a cat on my lap who wants a lot of love, so I am typing very carefully so she won’t fall of. She always thinks that this is a good time to get some loving, when I am typing. My lap seems to be perfect then. The dog is within an inch of getting stepped on or having my chair rolled over him. My, such togetherness, such coziness. The Ubercat has his second cold in as many months and will have to go to the vet if it doesn’t clear up. he has runny eyes and he is sneezing. I hope he is not contagious, but the other cats are fine. The Exfactor will love the vet bill.

I just got an email from the energy company saying that the average energy bill will increase by 10 Euros a month. I must be very frugal and I hope I estimated my usage well enough, if not, i will have to pay extra at the end of the year and that will not be a nice surprise. I am constantly turning off lights and not turning lights on if it can be helped.

I try to be a frugal grocery shopper too, but find out that there are many unexpected expenses that add to the grocery bill and that my estimate was too low. So, I have had to adjust that upward. Welcome to the real world, Irene. You can’t live on bread and water. I only go shopping twice a week and stick to the list I make, no improvisational shopping. I do allow myself a big bottle of diet soda once a week, because it is so nice and refreshing when it is hot. It takes away that hollow feeling in your stomach too.

I have completely grown used to my single bed and the bedroom arrangement around it. The Uberhund sleeps on his pillow next to the bed and the bedroom is easy to keep clean because everything has its place. Men are always so messy with their used tissues and their socks and underwear all over the place. Actually, the whole apartment stays cleaner. The Exfactor was like that little character from Charlie Brown who always had that cloud of dirt hanging about him. I still have to clean all the light switches.

The weekend has been most pleasant and not at all a repeat of the weekend before this one. I have found much peace in being by myself with the animals and  being alone but not lonely. Tomorrow the rat race starts again.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoyed it as much as I have. Take care.


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It seems like this has been a long day and now I am trying to recall what I’ve done with it and not a hell of a lot pops up. I think I may have wasted a lot of it, but that can’t be right! I distinctly remember doing useful things. I remember the alarm clock going off and me swearing at it and then getting up to look for it, although this time it wasn’t hard to find, it was sitting on the coffee table. I also remember that the day before, I had fallen asleep on the sofa and when the phone rang, I thought it was the alarm clock going off and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make it stop ringing when I repeatedly hit it on that button.

Anyway, I slowly figured out who I was over a mug of coffee in the company of my trusty Uberhund and little by little we became functioning beings. I wanted to say, human beings, but then I realized that the Uberhund is not human, although I do equate him with one, him being my companion and everything. He is my best pal, after all, and he hangs out with me all over the place, we even go to the bathroom together. We have no shame.

So, around 7 AM I was ready to go for our morning walk and breathe in the fresh morning air that has not yet been polluted by all the traffic on the highway that is not too far from us. The birds chirped and the wind blew lightly and the temperature was pleasant and we made our usual round. We made our regular turd stops and our beneath the tree foraging stops. The Uberhund tries to kill himself every once in a while by walking onto the bike path, but I usually pull him back on time.

This morning he found a gigantic bone that looked like it came from a ritual slaughter. Once he had that in his mouth he had only one objective, to get home with it as quickly as possible and nothing could deter him. He did not dawdle, he took the shortest way possible.

Once he was home, he walked around the apartment looking furtively for a safe place to chew the bone and he had a bit of a desperate look in his eyes, as if there was no place really good enough. I finally placed his pillow in the corner by the sofa and he grudgingly accepted that as being an okay place to chew on his bone.

He has spent the rest of this day chewing on it, taking little times out to go for walks and eat and drink some water. Oh yes, and rest a little bit too. It’s a lot of work chewing on a bone and guarding it from the minion cats.

The Exfactor has gotten himself a magnificent house through he Anti Squatters Movement. It is a freestanding two story house with an attic and a basement, with a washer and dryer, a microwave and stove and oven and a refrigerator and a freezer. It has a wonderful garden with a gazebo and it is in a very nice neighborhood in Valkenburg, which is a tourist town a few kilometers from here. He is thrilled to bits and we all are very happy for him. It really is a nice house.

It’s partly furnished, so he doesn’t have to worry about having to go out and buy all sorts of furniture. He has asked for our double bed and I agreed he should have it if he would get me a single bed in return, so today I went to the second hand goods store and bought a used bed and bottom and mattress for a very reasonable price in good condition. It will be delivered some time next week, when the Exfactor hopes to move his things out.

Isn’t it amazing how good luck is always on our path? It could have taken a lot longer for him to find a decent place to live and it turned out so well. The rent is incredibly cheap and all inclusive which means he’ll be able to help me buy that sofa I so desperately want and write off the money as an expense for redecorating. It does mean that he’ll have to pay me more alimony, which makes no difference to me, because social services will just lower my welfare payment. I don’t get ahead one way or the other. I’ll just be less of a burden on the system, which is good, I guess.

Anyway, I went to the grocery store this morning and managed to stay within the budget. That’s good. It is always a pleasure to stick to the budget and not be tempted by all the nice items that are on sale and that all want to go home with me. I have an iron will and a shopping list and I don’t deviate.

The Exfactor came by at noon to fix my bike, because the pedal sometimes doesn’t want to pedal and just goers round without doing anything. As it is, he was so busy with this unexpected house, that he did not have time to look at my bike and I can’t blame him. There are dozens of things to take care of.

In the meantime, back at the farm, I got sick of listening to one MP3 player and switched to another. I am hoping to find some relief of this music I have been listening to too much, day and night, endlessly. I think maybe I need to turn on Deezer radio for a while. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Annie di Franco.

I am paranoid about having the computer on too much because of the energy it uses and I have lowered my monthly energy estimate now that I am living on my own. I am very frugal with the lights etc. I almost need a seeing eye dog.

I find the evenings the most boring. There doesn’t seem to be that much to do and I really have to find something to entertain myself. The kitchen cupboards are clean. Next I should clean out the big closet where the water heater is and where we have a shelf system that holds odds and ends, a lot of odds that probably can get tossed. I always feel like eating something good. Like shortbread cookies. Yum!

Tonight I am going to make it a point again to watch the eight o’clock news. I did it last night, but I hardly remember what it was all about. I have to get in the habit of retaining what I see and hear. It could be useful some day.

Well, that was it for me for today. It wasn’t hugely exciting, but there was enough there not to make it completely dull.

You all have yourself a great day or evening, whichever you are in the middle of.


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