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I haven’t done a bloody thing all day, except for walk the Überhund numerous times at odd hours, sleep on the sofa several times, and get my hair cut in a really funky ‘boy do I look good’ style. Sometimes I sat on the sofa in an upright position with a cup of coffee and a cigarette and I would catch myself falling asleep with my head having fallen forward as if I was a rag doll that was falling apart.

Now, this is normal for me in the spring and in the fall, to go through these strange sleeping patterns. Last night I was up in the middle of the night, sitting behind the computer, doing things, and then I woke up with a sore head where it had been laying on the ridge of the keyboard. I do spooky things in the middle of the night again, but luckily, I had the good sense to go to bed and go back to sleep like a normal person and sleep until 7 AM. Still, that did not prevent me from feeling that I had to sleep some more during the day. I am like a cat, aren’t I?

I had a most wonderful time at the hairdresser, but I had already told you that I enjoy going there to watch the women get their hair done. I am always truly amazed at what a good hairdo will do for a woman, no matter how bad looking she is, but that may be the unflattering light around the mirrors that makes me say that. It does reflect you back in all your most basic glory. You need to squint when you look at yourself, or be extremely forgiving. Especially when you sit there with wet hair and a towel around your neck, you have a tendency not to look your best and you have to put on a brave smile and not be embarrassed in front of the rest of the customers. Even your well applied make up doesn’t look that good anymore.

Wel, you know, you grow up and you learn these things and you deal with them and you hope that when you are done you will have a brilliant haircut and that you will not have to sneak home to redo your hair quickly in the bathroom before anyone can see you and laugh at you. I happen to have a very good hairdresser who cuts my hair just the way I want it and we see eye to eye on what looks good. She never fails me. She is a treasure, but no matter what, newly cut hair is just that and you always want to fiddle with it to get it just right. I brushed mine two hours after I got home and then fixed it as close to how I wanted it as I could get it, but it won’t be perfect until tomorrow when I have slept on it one night. I don’t know why that is, it just is.

I talked to the Exfactor on the phone and told him that what I miss about not being married is the ability to tell each other the every day stories about the every day occurences involving the Überhund and the Minion cats. So very often I want to tell him something and then I don’t know if I should call him and share that particular story with him or not. It’s a little bit like having lost a very good friend. I suppose that we will work out some sort of working solution to this that will be non threatening and non invasive to the both of us. I don’t think either one of us has found another person to replace us with in that manner.

When I ask the Überhund if he wants to eat and I get out the bag of dog food, he walks away indignantly if he does not want to eat, so that message is very clear. There is no mistaking that. He stays away until he is sure that I’ve put the dog food away again. Since he is overweight, it is okay if he doesn’t want to eat twice a day, like he did yesterday. He had some little snacks today and a bowl of food and I guess that was enough.

I totally don’t recognize my sister in her new car. This afternoon she practically ran over me and honked her horn before I realized it was she. She is always coming and going and doesn’t have a peaceful bone in her body, she is so the opposite of me. She is very restless and always has to be doing things and have a full calender. I am more of the slow and contemplative kind. She is more of the fast and impulsive kind. She was 10 years old when I left home, so I have no idea why she turned out the way she did. I missed all that part of her growing up and didn’t come back to the Netherlands until she was 32 years old. I did see her in those years, of course, but I really got to know her once I was back here again. In some ways we are neurotically alike, in other ways we are very different. Of course, I am older and that makes a difference too.

I have official confirmation now that I am getting rent and healthcare subsidies. It came in the mail today and I am so relieved about that, because paying the full rent and the full health insurance fees has been expensive with the kind of money I have coming in. I will celebrate with a glass of wine once the money is in my bank account.

I have decided this afternoon to exchange the black cardigan for a smaller size. The one I had ordered was a little bit too big, I thought, I was not quite happy with it and arranged to have it picked up and have the other one delivered tomorrow. i think that is also the day that my ankle boots will be delivered so it will be a fun day all around. Oh, I do so love new items of clothing. I am a real woman, if there was any doubt about that. I may have been a tomboy when I was a kid, but somewhere in my thirties, my female genes kicked into action something fierce. I love and adore clothes, although I don’t spend a fortune on them, I am a frugal shopper. I like feminine things. I like necklaces and lacy bras and perfumes and pretty tunics and dresses. I love colors, besides basic black. Every once in a while I buy something that just doesn’t work out, but mostly I do a fair job. My mother would have been proud of me.

Well, now I am going to take this newly done haircut and the rest of me to the bedroom to get my pajamas on and then I am going to veg out in front of the silly box for some mindless TV watching. Soon enough, I’ll fall asleep and have to drag myself to my cozy bed. The Überhund has already gone there to lie on his pillow.

How wonderful that tomorrow the weekend starts. How sad that I will have to vacuum the whole apartment.



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I am full of exhaustion and I don’t want to be, I am going to fight it all the way to the sofa if I have to and not give into it one teeny little inch. It isn’t as though I had an especially tiring day, although I did do a variety of things and maybe they left their impressions on my easily impressed mind. I mean, I am not used to much, so doing anything out of the ordinary is bound to thrill me to pieces and wear me out at the same time from the processing of the details.

I started out the day really slow, because I went back to bed after I had been up for awhile, but I decided that my head was still in slumber attitude and that I was not ready to tackle the day and all it’s details that it would bring. So I laid me down to sleep, with Jesker beside me, and didn’t wake up until the phone rang and it was my sister to remind me of our appointment to go to Ikea, as if i would forget that outing!

I very slowly got dressed and walked the dog and then went grocery shopping and to the tobacco store, where they see me as one of their favorite customers, at least, that’s the kind of welcoming smile I get. They almost know what I come to get, and one day soon I won’t have to ask for it. They’ll just reach for the items on the shelf the minute they see my bright and happy face.

Back home, Jesker and I shared a pudding with berry sauce and then my sister came to get me in her new Peugeot, which is a sporty little 4 door car with a hatchback. She had the radio on and I felt like Thelma and Louise when we drove down the freeway. Luckily, we don’t need to make our escape, as it is our men that we send on their way.

Ikea had just had another grand opening and there were people in yellow jackets directing the parking traffic ineffectively, but we found a good spot anyway. The thing is to ignore the pointing fingers and to go by your instincts, which will direct you to the empty parking space. It will also get you a dirty look, but this particular yellow coated traffic director had a big earring in and we figured he wasn’t really anyone important at all, even though he had a decent haircut.

We were good shoppers and followed all the arrows and didn’t take any short cuts through the store, even though we new exactly what we wanted. We also wanted to look at all the things we weren’t buying and in the meantime we were talking and chatting like two chickens in a hen house, like we have a tendency to do. We must go back soon and really linger and spend an afternoon there, when we both have extra money to spend on gadgets and stuff. Things you don’t really need, but can’t live without that will improve your life so tremendously. That’s what Ikea is for, and oh, I walked by the sofa I want and it hurt me to leave without it.

We soon enough got the items we wanted and headed for the cash registers and after some indecision ended up in the right line. The fast one, where my sister found out that she had bought the expensive duvet, but she didn’t feel like going to customer service and undoing the whole sale and going back into the store to find the right one, as it has taken us some searching to find the one that we thought was the right one, you know, with all those names on the products.

We shoved the bought items in the car, my carpet was a little long, and then went to the garden center next door, which has the same sort of planned route through its shelved products as Ikea has. Lots of temptations to buy things. “Oh yes, I’ll have 3 of those and 5 of these. And that plant is really pretty too.” Friendly customer service all over the place, attractive prices, overabundance of goods, you think you are in Fantasy land. It’s best to be strong of mind and keep a steady hand on your wallet and be determined to only buy what you had come for.

When I came home, I unrolled the carpet and found out it was bigger than I had imagined, so that was good. Jesker laid down on it right away and Gandhi sharpened her claws on it, which made Jesker angry. I told him, “Good dog.”

Then I had to walk him and go to the pharmacy to pick up a large supply of medication that I had ordered two days earlier, but when I got there, I found out they never received the fax with the prescription, so I had to make a phone call and at the other end of the line a frantic search took place to find the missing prescription, which showed up in the fax machine 20 minutes later. I love mayhem, especially when it is about my precious pills.

On the way home, I stopped by the flower and plant shop and bought two plants of heather in pots and I have those sitting here instead of the ‘child in mother’s lap’ plants that weren’t doing so well. They cost me 2.50 Euros for 2. It’s a steal. Jesker thought I was bringing home food and was mighty disappointed.

I was just out back, and besides a lot of weeds, I have the jasmine and the golden rain and the 3 trees and now another unidentified bush has grown up amongst the jasmine. I have to try and find out what it is, but it is staying. Anything that wishes to grow here, stays. I’ll have to pull out the weeds this weekend, although that is not my favorite job, especially not now that my left knee is bothering me so much. It really hurts to bend it, especially when the weight is on it. I am wearing out, I guess.

I hope you all like my header. I went through some trouble to find something to represent what I thought was Another Bright Day and I thought this little child was perfect. There is innocence and happiness. It is a challenge to find the right photograph to express a meaning. I liked the gray slate too, until Maggie said it looked like elephant’s skin and I don’t want that. Besides, it didn’t express much emotion.

Now I am going to rest my weary bones on the sofa, after I have looked up a TV guide on line. I must remember to do that. I hope there is a good British thriller on tonight. Those are the best.

Have a good evening, get yourself ready for a lovely weekend.


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Feeling frustration in real life, i felt I had to do something in my other life, my blogging life, and just for awhile I am going to try this design on and not have any naked ladies hang around the place. Sometimes it feels so good to make a change and it sort of lifts my spirit, but you will all have to let me know how this works for you. That may or may not influence me. I’ll see.

The wonderful news is, that the tax people just called and that they made a decision in my favor and that as of July the first I will have housing and medical care subsidies, so I have some money coming in. There was no problem at all and I could have reached over the phone and given that woman a hard hug. I had been so worried. So, something is going right today. On top of that, my older sister sent me some money which is enough to go to Ikea with to buy a rug for by the sofa to cover up two cigarette burns in the linoleum. My younger sister and I will do that tomorrow.

So, you see I do have some things going right for me too. Thank goodness for that. I will somehow remain eternally optimistic, as long as Visa comes through with the money, which I think they will. I have had a computer generated confirmation as to my request, so I assume all is well. At least after this phone call from the tax people, my stomach is not in knots anymore.

I got up rather early this morning and after piddling around behind the PC for awhile, i decided that I wasn’t properly awake yet and went back to bed, where i very promptly fell asleep and slept until 10AM, which was super, but after that, it was hard to get the day going, feeling like languishing in my pajamas and not walking the dog, whom I let piddle out back.

I drank coffee and smoked cigarettes and hung out on Facebook and generally wasted my time. Sometimes it is nice to be a lady of leisure, or pretend to be one. Jesker was very mellow about the whole thing and there was not a peep out of him. Sometimes he can be very demanding about wanting to go out, but at times he seems oblivious and just plops down and goes to sleep as if he knows I’m not in the proper mood.

I’ve done some housework, so I haven’t quite wasted the day and the apartment looks clean enough if you wear roller skates and roll through it really fast. There is always something undone and some area that needs my attention, but then I am not a stickler for details and I easily let things slide as long as it looks halfway decent. I do notice that everything stays cleaner now that I live here on my own. No dust devil here with motor grease.

What really amuses me is how little TV I watch. I really have to make the effort to turn it on and I don’t have a TV guide, so I very seldom know what’s going to be on, I only find out by chance. I try to watch the news, but very often even that slides by me and I miss what’s going on in the world and am a badly informed citizen. Do you think that can be held against me? Such irresponsibility. Neither do I read a newspaper, although I could easily read the BBC News on line. I think I’ve become to self centered in my little busy world.

The kids are back in school and every morning troves of them walk by the apartment with their parents. Kids of all nationalities. it is a regular melting pot an it gives me pleasure to see it. Some of the women wear head scarves and some of the black women wear reggae colors. They are all very colorful. The kids jabber in all sorts of languages plus Dutch. They all stop to look at the cats that sit in the windows. Nouri gets scared and runs away, but Toby and Gandhi stay put. They understand the protection of glass.

Jesker thinks he has to bark at everybody who looks in and thinks he is a great protector of all of us. he doesn’t understand why i don’t get upset and just sit there.

Some art:

I have a limp cigarette that’s being puled down by gravity when I try to take a drag off it. I guess it is a dud. You do get those sometimes. It’s real tricky to make good cigarettes, you have to get just the right amount of tobacco in.

Well, my dog wants to go out now and no amount of telling him to be patient is making a difference, so off we must go. I will put my walking shoes on and my jacket and put lots of baggies in my pocket.

Have a great day. I am planning on relaxing as much as possible the rest of the day, having no stomach tied in knots now.


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I am desperately drooling over a 2,5 seater leather sofa at Ikea and I am trying to put all sorts of wily schemes together to get my hands on one. It isn’t very expensive and oh so practical with the animals, because now I am constantly vacuuming cat and dog hair off the sofa and wiping off cat barf. I need 400 Euros and somehow there has to be away that I can manage to get this money together, said the eternal optimist. It is a big wish and I will make it come true, come hell or high water. You’ll see.

Today the Exfactor is coming by at 1 PM to give me the papers that I need on Tuesday. Maybe he will stay for a cup of coffee, which I won’t mind at all. I have been able to handle small amounts of him as long as it is under my conditions. And since I rule here…you get the picture.

Sleeping is still going extremely well. I do get up in the middle of the night thinking I am awake and need to do things, but it is all a delusion and within the shortest amount of time I am asleep again. The Unberhund is sleeping later also, so we are in tune with each other. We go for our morning walk when we are good and ready and that may take some time, as I do need my mugs of coffee to become fully functioning. The Uberhund very patiently waits by me feet where I can scratch his ears. He makes sure he is not getting the short end of the stick anytime. He allows no cat to come near me, not even his favorite one and if one comes close by, he hunkers up against me as close as he can, not leaving any room for a cat to get in.

The Netherlands lost to the Russians 1-3. What a blamage. I only watched some of the game, because I kept falling asleep on the sofa, but I woke up with each over excited noise when another goal was made. The whole neighborhood was roaring with grief. I guess that Dutch coach really taught the Russians how to play football. I don’t know what this means for our overall standings, I will try to find out today. I went to bed directly after the game and didn’t stay up to listen to the analysis. Oh, well…

The weather is very odd. It is overcast, but warm and I am not sure if it is going to rain, because i missed watching the news yesterday. I am so out of date as to what is going on in the world. I only know what is happening right here right now. It keeps me occupied enough.

Will somebody ask Kacey to get in touch with me, because I can’t get onto her blog. Blogger has assigned me a different email address. The same goes for Frances, but I know how to get in touch with her.

I very merrily washed my tiny amount of dishes this morning. I was done in a few minutes. I have to look for laundry to fill up the washing machine, as I don’t want to run it half full, but sometimes I have to out of necessity. That old washing machine is still hanging in there. If it ever gives up, I’ll go to the recycle store and buy a new second hand one. Luckily, the refrigerator is fairly new, so it ought to last a while and so is the TV, which I watch so rarely. The computer is the thing that needs to keep hanging in there. The new Internet banking account comes with a savings account and I will seriously try to make use of it and save some money every month.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to report for today. Don’t you just love these short little posts? They’re so uncomplicated. Since it is Sunday, not a heck of a lot is happening, but that is fine with me. A quiet dull roar is just fine every now end then.

Have a darn good day, even though it’s the last day of the weekend. Oh, remember the stress i used to have? Not anymore, thank you ma’am.


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I always visit the weblog of Alfonso Brezmes. He is a Spanish photographer who lives in Madrid and also makes great collages. Every once in a while he adds a link to his posts of some beautiful music that I have never heard off. It is always a very pleasant surprise and I feel that, again, I have been exposed to something very special.

So, if you want to hear some very beautiful and happy music I suggest you go here and if you want to hear something that has beauty and passion well, then go here. You will not be disappointed and I think you will like this music very much. By the way, it is sung in Portuguese, which sounds like a lovely language.

Yesterday was a very nice and mellow day. I just did the regular chores like I do on any given day and I didn’t worry too much about any heavy duty cleaning that needs to be done as I am waiting for springtime to get here and the springtime mood to go with it when I will open up all the windows and energetically start mopping the floors and washing the windows and the woodwork. At least, I am assuming that such a mood will strike me, as it seems to strike most housewives who live in climates that have cold and dark winters.

When the springtime comes, you have this urge to clean your burrow of rubbish and dirt and make it sparkling clean, at least that used to be the mythology behind that thought. I think that, to some degree, it still holds true and I really do see myself rolling up my sleeves and grabbing a bucket of soapy water and several rags and a broom. I very conveniently have a tendency to become hypo manic in the springtime, so I always do have extra energy anyway.

A few times a year, I like to do housework and I really care that my windows are clean and that the woodwork is shining. Most of the time I don’t care that much and I just do the regular jobs like dishes and laundry and dusting and vacuuming. I refuse to be a slave to my household, but a few times a year I care and then I do pull out all the stops. I think my brain is programmed that way to prevent the apartment from deteriorating too badly, it won’t look like it is in a derelict state.

The thing I don’t like about the return of spring is the return of the Formula One Racing Season. You know, when those racing cars drive endlessly similar laps around the track forever and ever in a mind numbing way and the only thing that is exciting is a three car pile up, or a flat tire, or a car catching on fire during a fuel stop.

Eduard loves watching the races as he likes watching dull sports and I suffer along while he finds enjoyment in them. It is so incredibly, irritatingly boring to watch those cars go around the track, sometimes I can just scream and the whole thing takes about two hours. It is almost as bad as watching field hockey or water polo. Curling is more fun to watch! There is no escape from it and the other women in the family pretend to like the races and sit and watch them with their men and afterwards the men send each other “relevant” emails about the race.

Oh well, it is good to have bitched about that! I am trying to figure out now if I watch anything that Eduard finds mind numbingly boring, but I can’t think of anything. I don’t watch that much TV and there aren’t that many programs I am hooked on. I used to like medical reality programs and Eduard disliked them because of all the blood and gore, so I stopped watching them. I am a very critical viewer, so I get irritated with “dumb” television easily. I refuse to watch a lot of programs because they are just fodder for the masses. I do have my principles.

I was going to post a little bit about Tibet now that the monks there are protesting against Chinese rule and Tibetans all over the world are protesting in face of the Olympic Games in Bejing, but when I looked into the matter of Tibet more closely it turned out to be quite a complicated issue and I can not do it justice here. I only want to say that I wish for the Tibetans to have self rule over their own country and for China to withdraw in an orderly manner and the for the Dalai Lama to return to his people, but I realize it is not as simple as all of that.

So, I’ll let that subject drop and leave it to more knowledgeable people to comment on.

Someone mentioned Pablo Nutini and New Shoes and I looked on You Tube and found this.

You Are Not Destined to Rule the World

You are destined for something else…

Like inventing a new type of cupcake.

You just don’t have the stomach for brutality.

But watch out – because many people do!

Today is Simply Scrumptious Saturday and I think I ought to have a Simply Scrumptious Pastry to celebrate the day. I am thinking of something fresh and fruity with real whipped cream. How does that sound? Do you think I can talk Eduard on going on such a mission to find me one of those? I am sure that if I whisper that thought into his ear I will, but will I do that? It is so bad for me! There must be Simply Scrumptious Other Things that are almost equally as good, but that are not as calorie rich. Yeah, right Irene!

My sister and I have figured out how to make a shorter walk with the dogs for the sake of Jesker, but it still gets us out together. So, we can still walk and have our much needed chats. Jesker is doing well. I set him loose on the field yesterday and he half ran to the middle of it. He sort of trotted and his legs weren’t shaking afterwards as if he was i
n a lot of pain, so those tablets are really helping him. Hallelujah!

This is not going to be a long post, because I don’t have that much to share as my life is one dull roar at the moment. Not that I am complaining in the least. Oh no, I like dull roars. Just a little peak and valley here and there and I am fine. Too much excitement will do me in.

You all have a Simply Scrumptious Saturday yourself in which ever way you want to fill that in. Sex and the City and that sort of stuff…

Ciao, la mia cara e gente bella.

P.S. Image courtesy of John Mora.

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Isn’t it amazing how you lose weight overnight? This morning I weigh 89.4 kilos, when I weighed a kilo more before I went to bed last night. Anyway, I weigh 400 grams less then I weighed yesterday morning, so that is good, the weight is steadily going down and it is making me feel very optimistic. I wore a tunic yesterday that I had ordered on line about 4 months ago, but that had been too small on me. Now I can wear it and that sure makes me feel good.

Yesterday I ate two slices of raisin bread that were left over, two wheat rolls with peanut butter, one Cup a Soup and some Melba Toast. I also had two tall glasses of ice cold milk. I eat these things spread out over the day. So a little bit of it every few hours. Half of a wheat roll and then my stomach is very full and I have to wait a while before I can eat the other half. This way I never feel hungry and I do not feel deprived. I take very small bites of the food and chew them very thoroughly before I swallow. I eat the Cup a Soup with a small spoon, making it last a long time. These are all little tricks I apply to make it feel like I am actually eating more than I am and also to make sure that I don’t swallow too much food at one time causing some sort of blockage. It gets painful if I swallow too big a piece of food as things get stuck by my gastric band.

At the rate I am able to eat now, I don’t think my gastric band is going to be filled anymore. The portions I am eating are pretty small and I don’t think that I am supposed to eat less food at one sitting than I am now. I am seeing the Obesitas Nurse Specialist on January the 15th and if I have lost 5 kilos by that time, he will say that that is enough weight loss and that I have achieved my goal as far as he is concerned. At the rate I am going now, I will have achieved that and more. He wants me to get down to 85 kilos and I want to get down to 80 kilos and I think I will be closer to my goal than to his by January the 15th. Knock on wood! I am such an optimist!

So far, I have lost a total of 79 lbs. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? I really and truly wonder at what weight my body is going to stop losing weight. I know that I will not get back to my original weight of 69 kilos, because I am older now and I have been told that makes a difference. So, I will have to wait and see where it levels out.

Yesterday was an absolutely boring day. The weather was bad, so we didn’t do anything interesting such as go for a long walk with the dog. It was cold and windy and rainy outside. I wished for it to be shopping Sunday and for all the stores to be open, but that would not have done me much good anyway, as I have already spent the clothing budget and then some. But we could have at least gone downtown and hung out there and had coffee and chocolates at Café Monopole and watched the other shoppers and tourists go by.

Instead we watched many boring programs on TV and I took a long nap on the sofa in the afternoon, which was pleasant. In between showers, Eduard actually had the courage to take the motorcycle for a spin to the Belgian border and back just to have the wind in his face for a bit. He is a true die hard. In the evening, we were saved from complete boredom for a bit by watching the speed skating from Salt Lake City in which the Dutch didn’t do that well, but oh well…I was very happy when it was time to go to bed and end the day.

There is only one thing worse than being bored on your own and that is being bored together. Actually, I am not bored on my own that often. I usually find something to do, but I do find myself bored when in company. It’s as if something is supposed to happen when you are together and it is such a disappointment when it doesn’t. When neither one of you can think of something good to do that appeals to both of you. I sure didn’t feel like climbing on the back of the motorcycle and Eduard didn’t need to have his nails polished or his face moisturized.

I actually should give him a facial one of these days now that I think about it. A good facial scrub and then a mask and a moisturizer. Yeah, that’s the ticket! The next time I am bored I will do that. I can already hear Eduard loudly protesting now.

It’s actually very early in the morning still. You could say that it is still the middle of the night. I don’t know why I am up so early. I guess I have had enough sleep. Maybe taking that nap during the day was not such a good idea. I don’t mind being up during the night, there are enough things to do to fill my time, such as read the BBC news and become well informed. Or watch movies on the film channel with the sound off while reading the subtitles.

We have a one year contract with our Internet, telephone and digital TV provider, but as soon as the year is up, we are switching providers, as we are very unhappy with the service of this one. We are going back to our original telephone provider and are having them do our Internet and TV also. That means no film channel, but we have found out, since having the film channel, that a lot of the time, the movies are all repeats of the months before and there actually isn’t that much new every month. So, for the money, it is kind of a rip off. Their customer service is not good and for almost a week now, people who call me when I am not home do not get my voice mail but a long silence and the provider has been unable to fix this. It seems to me that customer service frankly doesn’t give a hoot anyway.

Well, so much for me for this moment. I think I’ll go check and see what you people are up to these days.

Have a great day, whatever you do, whomever you do it with, wherever you are, ciao…

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There is only good news and the good news is that I didn’t rapid cycle once yesterday. My mood was steadily around an eight or a seven and I felt good all day long! I finally got it right.

What did I do differently? I took my second dose of Topamax at noontime instead of three pm and then took the third dose at five pm and that seemed to have done the trick. I didn’t need to take the Oxazepam either, so that was really a good deal. Of course, I woke up feeling good, but then I wake up feeling good most mornings, so that can’t be it.

I am just ever so grateful that it worked out this well. I must say that I had the right attitude too. I decided from the outset that I wasn’t going to have a down shift in my moods yesterday and I was very determined about that. So, I had a positive attitude and the medication at the right time and maybe the combination of the two was enough to help me. I will assume that the same thing will happen today.

So, I had a pleasant day yesterday. I cleaned the apartment and just enjoyed doing that. I vacuumed to my heart’s contend and did laundry. It was all very nice. Whenever I sat down to have a cup of decaf, Jesker came to be petted and petted he was. Gandhi came to be petted also. Luckily I have two hands to do this with and we were all very happy, except when I wanted to drink my coffee and smoke my cigarettes. Then something had to give. True love does have its limitations, even for the animals.

I actually felt like watching TV during the daytime and I watched channel 2 where you can watch programs that were on the night before. I watched shows that I normally would not watch and I didn’t care. It was all fine with me. Imagine watching a show that is in search of the new Evita, that is a real cut throat race to the end and enjoying that! I had never seen it before and was quite amazed by the level of competitiveness of it.

Eduard came home at 2 pm and the dog went silly with happiness. He barked and moaned and groaned. I was happy to see him too, as he didn’t have to work that evening and he got to stay home for the rest of the day. Some days we are lucky like that.

I fell asleep on the sofa after dinner and that was ever so much enjoyable. I woke up while Eduard was watching a football game and took my sleep medication and went off to bed where I read for a little while and then was off to dreamland very quickly. I wore a long sleeved T-shirt and long cotton pants and socks, because I am always so cold at night and I thought this might help me sleep better and it did. It’s not very sexy, but then I wasn’t feeling very romantic, just very sleepy. It’s so nice to be toasty warm under the duvet.

This morning I have planned to clean the bedroom really well, I see some spider rag in the corners of the room and when I was looking for the back of my earring last night, I noticed a lot of dog hair in places, so it is time to take the vacuum cleaner there. The cats will have to hide someplace else. The bedroom is a dark room and only if you look very closely do you see that it needs a good cleaning. If you quickly scan it by the light of the night stand lamp, it looks okay. It is not my favorite room in the apartment. I would love to cheer it up, but can’t think of a way to do it or find the energy and motivation to. Mostly I just ignore it until I have to go to sleep and even then I don’t look too closely. The bedroom is definitely a place of cleaning and decorating denial.

It’s great to be feeling so good in the morning. I am feeling an eight again and I can only think that it must be the most excellent coffee I am drinking. The drug smuggler coffee. And those very good cigarettes! No, really, it is a real pleasure to sit here and type non important things that contain absolutely no drama. It’s a little boring perhaps, but ever so much pleasant to me.

I sure do appreciate some of the suggestions people made to me in the comments on my last post. Offsetting negative thoughts with positive ones. For every negative thought add a positive one. I am going to do that today and see if it works. It will take a little bit of practice, but it is worth a try. God only knows how many negative thoughts I have during the day that are subconscious. It will be good to try and be aware of that, besides being aware of the very conscious ones. It is always good to get feedback from people who are outside your immediate circle of influence. People who can look at things with a fresh point of view.

I am limiting myself to four cups of regular Senseo in the morning, then I switch to decaf. I have another cup of regular Senseo in the evening as a reward for all the decaf I drank. It is working out well and that fifth cup of regular Senseo sure tastes great. Eduard has started drinking Senseo too, he is tasting the merits of it. You can really get hooked on the flavor. It’s that creamy foamy layer on top that makes it so special and the strength of it and every cup is freshly made. That makes a difference too.

Well, that’s all I have to report for right now. You can see that there isn’t anything of real importance, but that is good. It makes for a boring post, but not for a boring life. I like my life with the least amount of upheavals.

So, I all wish you a very good day, or a very good night, whichever comes first, ciao…

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