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On a whim I’ve signed up with Twitter, because I read about someone else doing it. The problem is that I don’t personally know of anyone else who is signed up also, so it is kind of lonely out there. If you want to sign up and you are looking for me, my user name is ‘brightandsunny’. You know how impulsive I get and how I always want to try something new and hope that I will get some sort of thrill out of it. You didn’t know that about me maybe? That I am secretly a thrill seeker? In the very small sense of the word, of course. i only do it if the outcome is safe. That’s something I have learned as i’ve gotten older, to not take the really big risks.

Something is going on with my mood and it has been happening since Wednesday morning. I feel a decided slant of disagreeability sneaking in. I feel like arguing and there is an amount of negativity in there also. I am not so thrilled anymore with things and maybe that is why I joined Twitter, but who knows? I am negative about things that I was positive about before and doubtful about things I was sure of before and the thing is, that I know that I am not having a change of mind, but a change of mood and I have to be careful not to confuse the two and I have to not make any important decisions when my mood is negative like this, that’s the main thing to remember.

I think I am getting a bit dysphoric, meaning: a state of dissatisfaction, anxiety, restlessness, or fidgeting.

You will remember that I have had these sort of moods in the past, though I must emphasize that the restlessnes and fidgeting play no role here at all and the anxiety is at a minimum. I am just disagreeable to the point of being rude. I feel like being rude and disagreeable and not giving a damn.  Like that is perfectly okay. Can you think of a better place to exhibit such behavior than on the Internet? Instantaneous gratification.

I have not heard anything from my daughetr yet, but assume that all is well. She had told me that if possible, she would get hold of her father, who lives in Oregon, but it turns out that I don’t have the correct phone numbers for him. So I am going to call her again later today, although I have not much hope of getting hold of her. I wil watch the live broadcast again later this afternoon, even though it is pretty meaningless and doesn’t help me a lot personally. It does give me a general idea of how things are there.

The sun is shining today, but it is very deceptive, because it is cold outside and fall has really begun now. I were a sweater under my jeans jacket and I am postponing wearing my wintercoat, which is not much thicker. I may have to invest in a warmer winter coat with good pockets for all the stuff I always carry with me. House and bike keys, kleenexes, poop baggies, odd change, mobile phone, my wallet if it will fit. I’d like to go through life without a purse, if at all possible, but sometimes I don’t manage that. My purse always slides off my shoulder and I feel like such an old lady clutching it in my hands.

There must have been some mix up somewhere and I got an invitation from the center for work and income to apply for a job as hostess at a healthclub answering phones, receiving customers, serving drinks, and answering questions about memberships. I am sure they were thinking of the wrong person and, besides, I am not to apply for any kind of job until January, when I enter into some sort of program to get back into the labor force after having been out of it for a very long time and also with special aid as a psychiatric patient entering the labor force again. I emailed back stating as much and have not heard anything since then.

When In Babylon, do not act like the Babylonians and do confusing and irrational things.

My dear and most true Überhund is bored and he translates this into meaning that he must want to go out, although it is not time to, but to make his life bearable, I will now take him for a short spin around the block, so I will see you in a while.

Well, it turned into a long spin around the blog and I am always secretly proud that the Überhund stays on the narrow sidewalk by the busy street and never wanders into the traffic, even though I don’t shorten his leash. He does know where the sidewalk ends. Also, some gentle tugs and one command from me get him going in the right direction, so he is full of goodwill. I think that tug of war that we had at the beginning, when the Exfactor had just moved out, was won by me.

I am now using the Google reader again to stay updated on the latest blogs, after I had developed a problem with it, which is now solved. It does save you a lot of senseless clicking around. I am going to add some new blogs to my blogroll, I will try and remember to do that after I have finished this. I find blogs of note does not always give you such very good blogs, but sometimes there is something there that is interesting.  I am still waiting to show up there myself one of these days. I am not humble, am I?

I have put a bandage around my arm where I had those two scabs that I kept bothering and even now it’s hard not to mess with them. I want to scratch them when I exchange the bandage, but the little wounds are healing. The Exfactor had an enormous scab on his knee that had to be dissolved with some special plaster, because there was an infection underneath it. I would have had a field day with that one. I don’t know how he could stand not picking it off.

Well, now I am going to try once again to figure out that famous widget of the Black Box that everyone is so lyrical about. I could not get it to work on  WordPress, but maybe there is a way I can do it after all. I am nothing else if not stubborn. WordPress does have it’s limitations, which makes me sometimes long for blogger and I have to give it a long hard think about what I want to do, maybe switch back again?  We”ll see.

Have yourself a good Sunday.



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Well, I have managed to put a blog roll on this blog anyway, even after the widget said that it had no options for a it. Being stubborn and ornery I just went ahead anyway and presto, we have a blog roll.

If you feel that it is incomplete and that there should be other blogs on it, please send me a gentle reminder and I will take care of it, I may have overlooked some. I was working with old material. I may be missing blogs that are quite interesting and hilarious, so I am open to suggestions.

The day started off well enough with me sleeping until 5:30 AM and I think that is a quite decent time, considering I went to bed on time. I blogged until 7 Am and then shut off the computer to spend some quality time with the Uberhund and the cats. I must not neglect them and the Uberhund especially likes a good cuddle in the morning when he has just woken up.

Then we take our pills and the cats have gotten wise to the fact that the Uberhund gets his pills in slices of luncheon meat and now all show up for their share. They are small slices of a farmers sausage and a package goes a long way, so we can spare some. It’s so easy to make all of them happy.

We had a good old walk and the weather was nice and cool. Sometimes the Uberhund determines the direction, but mostly I do, as I find that we start to walk in circles if he does. Yesterday, I had him off the leash for just a little while in the corner of the field and he managed to get away from me and walk into someone’s yard and entered their house, which was slightly embarrassing. He just wanted to have a look around. The owners were very surprised when a dog walked into their living room.

Our cat Gandhi knows when we are coming home and waits behind the front door in an attempt to escape into the stairwell, because she knows I won’t chase her but wait for her to come back down. Sometimes, she does end up in the street however when some unsuspecting person opens the outside door. That is her whole plan, because that is where she wants to be.

I had to sit in my sister’s house today and wait for furniture to be delivered as nobody was going to be home there. I had to be there between 12:30 and 2 PM, but the truck showed up at 1 PM and I was glad that I didn’t have to wait for a long time, even though I had the Uberhund with me. I much prefer to be in my own place where I can smoke and drink liters of coffee.

At 3PM I had my hair cut and I am quite happy with it and now realize that I wait too long in between haircuts, because my hair grows quickly and very soon it is out of style, so I have marked in my agenda when my next haircut should be, which is at the most 5 weeks from now. The girl who cuts my hair always does a good job and I am always happy with it and I always look perky when I leave there. It takes her all of 15 minutes to cut my hair and blow dry it.

Oh yes, I of all people have managed to get a Visa card, can you believe it? I am only going to use it for emergencies or when I am traveling, but I thought I had better have one, because I feel a little insecure without one. Some things can only be arranged if you have a credit card and I have often felt frustrated because of the lack of one. It seems that any fool can get a credit card nowadays.

If you have a gastric band and you drink a soda, you will find that you very quickly get a very full feeling. You feel like burping all the time. So it’s best not to drink one in polite company.

I gave the Uberhund an extra flea treatment, as he was scratching this morning and now he is not anymore. He is sleeping the sleep of the innocents. I’ve combed him with a special comb and all sorts of nasty things came out. I’ll have to do that one or twice again to get him really clean. I put the Tupperware box of treats in front of him and he cooperates beautifully. He doesn’t take any out of the box, it is just the anticipation.

Well, that is it for me for now. I need to go and watch the news or some other sensible program. It doesn’t do to not be well informed. I feel a great need to eat something very special, but I would have to go get it first. I just may do that.


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The Uberhund and I have just gone for our last walk of the day. For some reason, he is always impatient for this one and really won’t wait for it to be the proper time, so I take him when he wants to go very badly and he won’t leave me siting here in peace, but keeps moaning and groaning and urgently walking up and down.

Of course, once we get outside, he has no urgent business, he just wants to go out and have a good sniff around the neighborhood. I am sure that by that time a myriad of dogs have left their messages on the tree trunks and the bushes and the lamp posts, so we have to stop practically everywhere and he has to add his two or three drops to it. It’s a shame he can’t pee so very high, he is one of the low men on the totem pole. I don’t think it bothers him very much, he never checks afterwards if he did it well enough.

You would be amazed by how many people own dogs around here and they are all pure bred, there is not a mongrel amongst them. They are, for the most part, well behaved and very seldom is there an argument between two dogs when they meet. Sometimes, little dogs can be a bit feisty, because of their inferiority complex, and the Uberhund gives them a wide berth. He is also only mildly interested in puppies and only checks them out once and after that he completely ignores them.

He thinks children are mildly interesting and goes over to sniff them, but he has no patience to be petted by them. He is sort of a snob and just wants to be going on his way and do his own business. He likes big dogs and is not intimidated by them. He checks out their private parts carefully as if that tells him a lot about them.

The only dogs he dislikes instantly are pit bulls, but luckily we don’t run into many of them. He barks at them very ferociously and pulls at the leash and the pit bulls respond in kind. I am sure we would have an awful mess on our hands if they ever got away from us.

I am very happy to inform you that the Temazepam is working at full strength now and that I feel ever so much better and that I need to have my head examined for trying to quit another medication on my own, but I do foolishly try that at times and as a rule it doesn’t work out. Somehow, I have to remember that, but when you feel good, you convince yourself that you will keep feeling good when you quit those pills. It is a common occurrence with psychiatric patients and a big downfall in their treatment. Luckily, I have always had the sense to go back to my pills when I realized I was in trouble.

I was beginning to feel so nicely hypo manic at the beginning of the week and I wasn’t even planning on doing anything about it, because I thought that it was a good state of mind to be in. I had convinced myself of the positive effects of it, but it sure backfired on me. It goes to show you how irrational a human being can be in different states of mind. Not at all willing to call in the help that she needs.

Well, as you can see, the Internet was not cut off, nor were the telephone or the cable TV. I call that a small miracle and I thank you for lighting the candles, because surely that helped. I keep running into little bits of bad luck, along with the things that go right, but I think that is the human condition, so I will not make a big deal of it.

I have added some new blogs to my favorites and I think it is a bloody shame that this blog design does not allow me to show a blog roll. I don’t want to go with the design that does, as I find it a very cluttered one and it keeps bothering me when I use it and I feel uncomfortable with it. WordPress does have its drawbacks. I need to find some sort of solution to it and will bend my head over it tonight.

I have been listening to my music less these past days and enjoying the complete silence of the apartment. Well, as silent as it gets with a dog and three cats in it. It is like the silence is a noise too. A white peaceful noise in the background. I suppose that’s what I need right now. Not the funky sounds of a jazz saxophone. There is a lot of serenity in silence, although I do interrupt it occasionally with the sound of the news on the TV.

I have found that I enjoy watching sports on television. I watched large portions of the Tour de France and watched the last day of it. I like the mindlessness of repetitive motion like tennis or mountain bike racing. I don’t care much who wins, although usually I am rooting for the underdog. I like to watch football, but I like rugby better and I wish they would show more games. Maybe rugby season is over? I will be a fervent watcher of the Olympic Games in spite of the human rights in China. I am not boycotting the Games.

They should have a ‘walk your dog’ event. I would enter that, although the Uberhund would need to do a little training, because he never walks in a straight line, but wanders all over the place.

Well, off I go. Have a good day, people.


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For those of you who were looking forward to read all about my adventurous journey to Amsterdam, I have to disappoint you, because I didn’t go.

I woke up at 4 AM and dreaded the thought that I had to go all the way there and just could not find the motivation to and was hoping there was a way to get out of it. I called my daughter in Texas and asked her if there was any other way to get my request for the marriage certificate notarized. She said, yes, if I could find a competent and recognized notary in Maastricht, then that would do also.

Of course, I reached for the yellow pages immediately and started my search and soon found one that I thought would do and when it was a decent enough hour I called and made an appointment, which I was able to get this afternoon. Notaries are university educated people who do estate planning and last wills and testaments and make up contracts. They usually have their offices in the most beautiful old buildings in town. This one did too.

Anyway, my request was notarized and it will have to be good enough. They even notarized a copy of my passport. If this is not good enough, I will travel to Sonoma County and pick the darn thing up myself.

The rest of the day was spent walking around in the heat with the Uberhund and riding my bike to the store to make copies of important papers for Social Services and to do groceries, again. I drink a liter of milk a day, so I constantly have to replenish the supply and then there is always cat and dog food to get and fresh bread.

It’s very warm outside. Tomorrow it is going to be equally warm with rain and thunder storms. That should be quite a spectacle. I am already planning on wearing the least amount of clothes, because I was overdressed today. Trying to make a good impression on the notary.

I have lost 8 kilos since I have told the Exfactor that I wanted a divorce. Don’t worry, I am not starving myself. I eat when I am hungry, but my little stomach gets full very quickly. Today, for lunch, I had pudding with berry sauce and it went down well. Those kinds of foods always go down easy. Sometimes I let myself have a treat.

I have stopped taking the Temazepam during the day and have found no averse effects from it.  I am as calm as I was before. I take one 10 mg pill at night before I go to sleep and I sleep better. It is so nice to go to bed and feel myself getting drowsy and hear my book plunk down on the floor beside the bed.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Positively boring, isn’t it? I tell you, there is no drama in my life anymore. I am turning into just your everyday boring old blogger. Pretty soon I’ll have to start making up events to keep your attention.


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I hope I have the wherewithal and the  energy to finish this post, because I feel like I’ve had a long day, when in reality not all that very much has happened in it, it just seems that way.

I got up early, but kept toppling over behind the computer and finally gave in and went to sleep some more on the sofa with a confused Uberhund by my side, who wanted to be petted, but I was too tired to raise my arm.

When the alarm clock went off at 6 AM, I was ready to get up and made myself a strong coffee and a piece of toast and was then more then ready to take the Uberhund for a very vigorous walk around the neighborhood. The fresh morning air works like a potent waker up and I always feel invigorated when we get back to the apartment where the Uberhund immediately goes back to sleep. I got dressed and made up and made a supply of cigarettes and contemplated my navel before I set off for my ergo therapy.

I am really starting to enjoy going there now, as I am becoming more familiar and comfortable with the other people in the class and less intimidated with the projects that we have to work on each day, as I have decided to tackle everything with humor and sarcasm, which is one way to overcome my resistance and inhibitions to the difficulties of the subjects. Somehow, this is accepted from me and almost expected now, although not everyone is always comfortable with it, as I can be rather confronting. Sometimes I am larger than life.

Today I was up to my usual shenanigans and was able to have some people join into the fun and set the tune to the subject and got it going into the direction I wanted it going in, which gave me my hilarity while learning something about myself at the same time, namely that a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. What is to become of me?

When I was done making a pest of myself there, I went home and walked the Uberhund and went to the grocery store where I bought some of that delicious bread to make toast with. I hauled a big shopping bag of groceries home and I am getting quite adept at that while still managing to ride my bike in a straight line and taking the corners quite nicely.

Then I took a lunch break and after that my sister came and picked me up, because we were going to have tea at the Exfactor’s house. He had invited us to come and see where he lived.

I have mixed feelings about the visit. It was interesting to see where he lives, in a big chilly house that is partially furnished and has a big beautiful garden, but seems like a kind of lonely place to be.

The Exfactor was his usual talkative self with all of his opinions on anything and everything and that sort of wore me out, because it reminded me of being married to him and it made me feel half defeated and tired. He talks a lot and likes to be the center of attention and have an opinion on everything and be right about it. I felt all of my energy drain out of me and tried to tune out as much as possible or change the subject to something completely different.

On the way home, my sister said, “There is a man walking around with his soul under his arm. I think he is very unhappy.” I thought about that for a while and tried not to let the thought bother me, because I am happy and I don’t want the thought of the Exfactor being unhappy destroy my happiness.

So, when I got home, I called him and asked him point blanc if he was unhappy in that big empty house by himself and out of that ensued a conversation that we should have had some time earlier about the end of our marriage and how our lives were going now and how we were changing and how much we still worried about the other person and it actually turned into a good conversation and at the end of it I felt better about him being on his own and being able to take care of the details of his life.

There is not a hair on my head that thinks about sacrificing my happiness in order for him to gain his. I fiercely protect what I have now and will not give it up for anything. I would run away from home before I would sacrifice anything. I love my life and want to keep it just the way it is.

So, I am very relieved that the Exfactor doesn’t need an rescue effort, because I wasn’t the one who was going to do it. I would have recommended therapy and a social worker. Some intervention team.

It seems that he sees the Paramount almost every weekend, so I am unclear on that situation and I don’t want to pry. I don’t know if that meets his expectations or if he is not content with that.

Anyway, I did get just a bit emotional about that, but then again, I did manage to pull myself back together again quickly. I do know how to watch out for myself and how to not let myself get pulled in to a long drama that has not much to do with me in the end, callous as that sounds. I am involved, but only up to a point. I hate to get over emotional about these things.

It is so nice to walk into the apartment and be surrounded by the animals and my things. I really feel comfortable here and it is a safe place for me to be. I feel very much at ease here. I cherish the time I spend here on my own.

Well, now it is time to walk the Uberhund again for the last time today. It is his biggest joy, to be walked. I enjoy it too.


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The Uberhund and I just came back from our midday walk and the only interesting person we met was a very anorexic looking woman who looked like she would be carried away by the least bit of wind. She didn’t look so good and I suspect drugs are involved too and I thank my lucky stars for the state of affairs of my life when I see how much worse it can be. At east I am a hefty looking woman on legal medication with a roof over my head.

Speaking of which, the dress I am wearing today is definitely getting to big on me and I suspect that I won’t be wearing it too many more times, unless I wear it a lot in the very near future.  It’s gaping in the back and I can pull it at the waste and stick in a skinny person.  I could be pregnant in it easily, but that miracle isn’t going to take place, so I will have to kiss this sweetheart of a dress goodbye soon. That breaks my heart just a little bit, because I like it a lot.

I have a belt with many holes in it and I just keep moving up holes and hitching it tighter, which is a very pleasurable thing to do.  I love all my clothes and many of them I will keep wearing for a while yet. I planned them that way, so that even if I lose the next 5 kilos, my clothes will still look good. I would hate to have to spend my precious money on a new wardrobe and have to give away the clothes i have, because I am so attached to them.

I like nothing better than standing in front of the closet in the morning and deciding what I am going to wear and having ample choice. Oh, I then I forget the clothes that are in the ironing basket.  I must get them done and increase the possibilities.  Isn’t it wonderful? The cats always take the opportunity to climb into the closet and can only be pulled out with much effort while they cling to the neatly folded t-shirts and sweaters. They try to hide in the very top and have been known to spend the whole day locked up in there. Not a peep out of them.

Now that I have my necklaces hanging up so neatly on the children’s coat rack, choosing one of them to go with the right outfit has become much easier too, although I have to admit that I have my favorites and I clearly see which way my style in them goes, so I must look for more like them. The only problem is, that that is one item that they never have on sale in my favorite clothes store. They figure those items sell themselves always, and they do, like hotcakes.

You see how I spend no money on books, but I do spend money on clothes. I am a vain person and I like buying clothes better than anything. I don’t dawdle when I am in a store and try on a dozen things. I go straight for the target, find the right size and pay for it. That’s how full of confidence I am. That’s why I like to shop only at one or two stores. Then I know all about their sizes and if they fit and if the quality is good and if they have a good return policy, because sometimes I err in judgment. Just sometimes I do.

If I weren’t so poor right now, I would go out and buy a new necklace, I am craving one very badly, I can envision it in my mind and how it will be to wear it. I feel naked without one, as if I have forgotten a crucial piece of clothing if I go out without one. My younger sister is the same way and I just found out my eldest sister is too. We have a necklace fetish.

I have a adorable sun dress that I ordered on line before i knew i was getting divorced. It is the right size, but it is very clingy and show my curves a little too well. I need to lose some weight to do it justice and I have it hanging in my closet for next year when I will have a svelte figure. I think Marilyn Monroe had one of those. As sun dresses go, it is rather sexy, and I will feel very special in it, so I have a lot to look forward to.

I now have a cat on my lap who wants a lot of love, so I am typing very carefully so she won’t fall of. She always thinks that this is a good time to get some loving, when I am typing. My lap seems to be perfect then. The dog is within an inch of getting stepped on or having my chair rolled over him. My, such togetherness, such coziness. The Ubercat has his second cold in as many months and will have to go to the vet if it doesn’t clear up. he has runny eyes and he is sneezing. I hope he is not contagious, but the other cats are fine. The Exfactor will love the vet bill.

I just got an email from the energy company saying that the average energy bill will increase by 10 Euros a month. I must be very frugal and I hope I estimated my usage well enough, if not, i will have to pay extra at the end of the year and that will not be a nice surprise. I am constantly turning off lights and not turning lights on if it can be helped.

I try to be a frugal grocery shopper too, but find out that there are many unexpected expenses that add to the grocery bill and that my estimate was too low. So, I have had to adjust that upward. Welcome to the real world, Irene. You can’t live on bread and water. I only go shopping twice a week and stick to the list I make, no improvisational shopping. I do allow myself a big bottle of diet soda once a week, because it is so nice and refreshing when it is hot. It takes away that hollow feeling in your stomach too.

I have completely grown used to my single bed and the bedroom arrangement around it. The Uberhund sleeps on his pillow next to the bed and the bedroom is easy to keep clean because everything has its place. Men are always so messy with their used tissues and their socks and underwear all over the place. Actually, the whole apartment stays cleaner. The Exfactor was like that little character from Charlie Brown who always had that cloud of dirt hanging about him. I still have to clean all the light switches.

The weekend has been most pleasant and not at all a repeat of the weekend before this one. I have found much peace in being by myself with the animals and  being alone but not lonely. Tomorrow the rat race starts again.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoyed it as much as I have. Take care.


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I happens now that I talk to the Uberhund out loud when we make our walks through the neighborhood.

“Did I say we were going in this direction? I don’t remember saying that. I think the next time you should consult me on that first.”

The Uberhund has also not got my maiden name with the divorce, he has kept the Exfactor’s name. So know I say, “Uberhund B**ss*nk**l, I can’t believe you just did that. I s that a way for a proper dog to behave?

All of this is done out loud in the street and I have whole conversations with him, which he he accepts with a resignation that only a dog has. “Oh, grump, grump, she is scolding me again. Well, such is life.”

It makes for a pleasant walk, because I do enjoy commentating on the events as we move along and having someone to share them with. “Oh look, they’ve cleaned this entire side of the street of lose leaves. That’s a shame for you, because now you can’t shuffle through them anymore.”

Last night I slept in my new single bed for the first time. It agreed with me well and I slept until 7 AM, because I had figured out how to shut off the alarm on the alarm clock. The minion cat slept on the bed with me and the Uberhund slept beside me.

The bed was to be delivered between 1 and 3 PM yesterday afternoon and I had asked the Exfactor to be here between that time in case they had dismantled the bed and it had to be put together again. Well, they did and it had, but the Exfacotr still had some tools here and had it put together in no time. i would have wrestled with it on my own. Then I made the bed and it was so lovely standing there, I wanted to get in it right away. The cats were the most curious of all and climbed all over it.

I have the room arranged quite nicely now and the bad spots in the wallpaper don’t show up. I still have to get two frames for the posters, but that is another favor the Exfactor can do for me, as they are quite large and cumbersome to get home from he store and catch the wind as you ride home on your bike with them. You see, I am calling in all sorts of favors.

The mattress is quite firm, which is good for my back and I slept quite comfortably. It is wide enough so I don’t feel cramped.

They put in a nice brick speed bump in the street right in front of out apartment. The French call them Sleeping Gendarmes, but I don’t know what we call them in Dutch. Oh, I am sure I know, but the term escapes me completely now. More speed bumps will be put in as people have a tendency to race through the street. It was fun watching them put it in as they have their unique way to do this, working with the sand and the stones and levelers. The whole street is brick, as are most of the residential streets and it requires a special technique to work with the stones.

I’ve bought the Uberhund some special bones to chew on and he just didn’t know what overcame him. He walked around in a daze with one in his mouth for 30 minutes before he found a place to lie down and start chewing on it. It’s always a toss up to see if he will like these, but I got the right ones this time. It is funny to see him revert back to his ancestral being when he has a bone to chew on and he has to decide to take it on his walk with him or be patient and leave it home.

It was raining when we went out this morning, but I figured we could handle a little bit of rain, so the Uberhund and I had a rain conversation. “Yes, it is raining, but we can handle this, because it is not coming down in buckets and I will rub you dry with your special towel when we get home, that makes you act silly afterwards.” He very happily runs around in circles and does pirouettes when he has been dried.

It does mean, that the sheets I had drying on the washing line will be soaked and I will bring them inside and put them through the spin cycle and hang them up to dry in the bathroom. They don’t get that nice outdoor smell then, that’s too bad.

The Exfactor and his friend Hans won’t be coming to get the rest of the boxes until next week and will let me know what day that will be. I can’t wait. I want the work room cleaned up to the point that I can move around in it easily and get to my stuff without any problems. I would also like to vacuum well in there, which has damn near been impossible up to now.

Well, that’s all the news I’ve got for today. I must find a better place for the Uberhund’s pillow and I must find a way to Keep the white cat from sitting in inconvenient places where she knocks things over. It’s her way of being cozy. Being an ornament between artfully arranged items. She must have a sense of style being half Siamese, after all.

Have a wonderful day.


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